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When America sneezes, the world catches a cold

The idea of American Exceptionalism has been a favourite rhetorical device of US presidents since the days of John F. Kennedy. It goes beyond conveying the sense that the country is richer and more powerful than other countries, but also that its unique culture and historical path render its destiny superior.

Are offshore bank, investment and trust accounts still allowed?

Unpacking the enigma around offshore starts with one simple certainty; nothing in the South African Income Tax or Reserve Bank regulations prohibits South Africans from opening a bank account, investment account or setting up an offshore trust.

Fitch downgrade is not as bad as it seems

There was more salt in the wounds for South Africa when Fitch announced that they were downgrading government's credit rating another notch, this follows the announcing by Moody's a week ago that they were also downgrading the credit rating.

Advisers and family offices should collaborate, not compete

The services of financial advisers and family offices should not be regarded as mutually exclusive. On the contrary, South African ultra-high net worth (UHNW) clients may benefit greatly from collaborations that align both domestic and global servicing opportunities, while encompassing their inter-generational footprint.

Retirement annuity: how much can you invest offshore?

With all the uncertainty in the South African market and concerns about future investment returns, many investors are looking offshore for investment opportunities. A diversified investment portfolio is always a good strategy when saving for retirement but before you set off looking for greener pastures in offshore markets, take note of Regulation 28 and its integration in retirement annuity funds.

Exchange control risks when moving funds offshore

Many South Africans are actively looking to move funds offshore, for reasons that range from travel and investing to importing or exporting new products and launching new businesses. But without observing the correct exchange control procedures, you or your business could quickly land in hot water with the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).

Key reasons not to DIY your investments

The rise of new technologies and fin-tech has made investing simpler, more transparent and cheaper than ever before, leading many to adopt a DIY-approach to their finances. So, in a world where investing is as easy as ordering take-out, what are the dangers of self-managing your investments, and why should you consider seeking professional financial advice?

Looking to invest offshore?

Investing offshore should never be a knee-jerk reaction to current events, but rather a decision that is taken as part of an overall financial plan. With elections looming and many investors in panic mode, South Africans need to make sure they are investing offshore for the right reasons.



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