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How the volatility of the Rand influences international payments?

It’s no secret that the Rand is incredibly volatile. Anyone who listens to the currency reports at the end of a news bulletin knows how big the swings (mostly in the wrong direction) any time there’s a major economic event at home and abroad.

Considerations for pre- & post-retirement investors

The global economic backdrop continues to improve gradually but great amounts of uncertainty remain. While most of the major central banks are now likely at the peak of their rate hiking cycles, inflation remains sticky and sustained high levels of interest rates are having a dampening impact on economic growth.

Black Friday – buy or invest?

Black Friday has grown in prominence in South Africa over the last few years and has fundamentally changed the way South Africans shop. While average spending in November has historically been higher than in the first 10 months of the year, it was always well below the traditional festive season trading numbers recorded in December.

Regulation 28 and the paradox of choice

In February 2022, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana amended the maximum offshore investment limit for Regulation 28 retirement funds from 30% of assets to 45%. But data shows that most funds haven’t maximised their exposure to the new limit, begging the question: why?

Ways to maximise the impact of offshore investments

Some of South Africa’s foremost investment thinkers have long advised that people living in the country hold as much of their wealth offshore as possible. Understandably so too. Over the past decade or so, the S&P 500 has outperformed the JSE All-Share Index by a significant margin.

Why structured products are the future of investing

The recent announcement of South Africa’s grey listing has compounded an already volatile market and has introduced more administrative complexity when investing offshore. Onerous due diligence processes and verifiable information may be required creating delays with offshore investments.

BOOK REVIEW | The Best Pocket Guide Ever for Wealth-building Investment

The new, updated edition of this bestselling investment book will show readers that financial freedom is possible for everyone. It has been updated to include the current hot topics of investing offshore and online, while setting out distinct guidelines on how to do both carefully and prudently.

Why politics is poison in a portfolio

Twenty months ago, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) published commentary unintentionally implying that institutional investors – the custodians of retirement funds – were suddenly allowed to place all their assets offshore, from a prior limit of 30%.

Offshore pensions a key part of gaining financial freedom

How do I retire comfortably, and maintain the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to? That’s the question many of us ask ourselves at some point – and there’s no single right answer. Everyone has their own circumstances and goals.

Multi-jurisdictional estate planning crucial if you have assets offshore

According to the University of South Africa (UNISA), South African households’ real net worth increased by over R1 trillion from the second to the last quarter of 2020, despite the economic contraction due to the pandemic. Consequently, more people are inclined to make offshore property investments in popular destinations such as Portugal and Mauritius.


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