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Can you be fired for a WhatsApp conversation?

Think the chat you’ve had with a group of colleagues is a secret and won’t cost you your job and reputation? Think again… Nobody could have predicted that the arrival of social media on the business and social scene more than ten years ago could lose people jobs, reputations and careers. But it has.

Work from home – drinking on the job

Working from home has become a normal part of business life, a part that is unlikely to come to a crashing halt any time soon. Within this new normal are casual clothes, comfortable working conditions, as well as less time spent in cars and chatting around the water cooler.

Managing retrenchments in tough economic times

The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) is receiving record numbers of retrenchment referrals, thanks to the pandemic. CCMA received 28,000 retrenchment cases from May to June 2020 during the lockdown.

Burned out and isolated – should the company care?

At first, the lockdown added some notable benefits to the employee’s life. They didn’t have to sit in traffic for hours. They could wake up a little later and work a little longer. They could wear their pyjamas at the desk and they discovered that they were far more productive in this new world of work.

Simplifying the access to global talent pools

In a global skills crisis, access to talent has become critical to organisational growth and success. Organisations are facing a talent crisis. The 2019/20 Hays Global Skills Index found that the skills crisis is deepening due to a widening gap between the skills that talent have and the skills that organisations actually need.

No work no pay – the COVID-19 salary crisis

Companies have been facing tough decisions over the past few months, particularly those with employees who cannot work during the crisis. The South African lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on industry, market and business.

The ethical implications of employee tracking

It’s been a stark and dramatic change in work environment and responsibility. People are working from kitchen counters, home studies and lounge suites. They’re waking up and heading into the virtual office in pyjamas. The world is online, and organisations that resisted remote working for years are living out their worst fears – will the work get done? Will the employee deliver? How do I know they’re not watching Netflix?

Best practice for back to work in the pandemic

COVID-19 introduces regulatory and ethical challenges to companies and employees returning to work. Stringent regulations and careful planning define the approaches of organisations and employees returning to the workplace in the pandemic.

Refusing to work over COVID-19 fears

With the daily COVID-19 infection rate in South Africa increasing rapidly, many employees are having second thoughts on whether they should be returning to an office environment. This may occur when circumstances may arise where refusing to work is believed to be the only safe option available.

Sick note controversy: fraud or ill health?

Employers and employees have rights when it comes to sick leave, but fraudulent sick notes are a rising problem. In the wake of Jacob Zuma’s alleged medical certificate presented to court in January 2020, there has been widening controversy around these documents and their validity in the South African workplace.


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