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Thu, Nov 26, 2020
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Getting the most out of lockdown virtual meetings

Leverage virtual meeting tools and capabilities to cement customer and employee relationships. The current coronavirus pandemic has caused many countries such as UK, USA, Italy, Spain, South Africa and Germany, among others to follow a lockdown approach.

The changing face of the supply chain industry

The global coronavirus pandemic has impacted the supply chain industry in several ways, many that will change it forever. It has been a year of complete and comprehensive change. The 2020 pandemic has altered the way people work and live. It has changed the ways in which different sectors approach business and growth.

Predicting the future of Brexit and the UK Economy

It has been said that the market is only one tweet away from a crash. This highlights the serious instability within today’s market. Businesses need to survive, let alone thrive in a massively complex and unstable world. They are spending significant amounts of time trying to predict the future needs of their clients, in an effort to provide them with a superior customer experience.



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