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Why the SME sector has been suppressed by the government

The past decade has not been easy for small and medium enterprise (SME) owners. GDP growth has been almost non-existent for most of the past ten years, and despite a widely held – and correct – belief that SMEs hold the keys to job creation and economic growth, they’ve largely been left to fend for themselves.

REVIEW | WilsonPro A500 Signal Booster Kit for Homes

The WilsonPro A500 Signal Booster Kit for Homes has arrived in South Africa just as a new reality is dawning on people who work from home. It is designed to give a dramatic boost to voice and data signals, rather than the slight amplification previously provided by portable boosters provided by mobile operators.

SA needs energy performance legislation sooner rather than later

As the winter season tightens its icy grip on South Africa, so the prospect of continued load shedding looms ever larger. And while some organisations have put measures in place to reduce energy demand in their buildings, most are not as energy efficient as they could be.

Extended lockdown – does working from home affect your insurance?

It is important if you are working from home to check your policy and take the time to notify your insurer of this change in risk profile, to ensure you are properly covered if your risk has changed, you have acquired additional equipment or IT infrastructure, and so on.

Network vandalism – stopping us from connecting our people

In our mission of digital empowerment for all our people in South Africa, we face a constant battle against vandalism of network sites around the country. The scale of the problem is enormous, and the cost of repairing and protecting our sites affects our ability to roll out connectivity in areas that need it most.

As hospitals and testing sites fill up, is telemedicine the solution?

COVID-19 highlighted the necessity of having a viable telemedicine regime as a ‘safety net’ to ensure continued access to healthcare services whilst maximising social distancing. We now have an opportunity to better understand the challenges and exploit the benefits of telemedicine services.

MultiChoice multiplies profits

Be careful of introducing bias into your investment decisions. You may have cancelled DSTV in favour of Netflix, but that doesn't mean everyone has done so. It reminds me of the Great Facebook Boycott of 2020, which was barely a pimple in Facebook's overall performance. It's really important to take emotions out of your investment decisions.

SURVEY | CEOs predict a return to growth in 2021

One year after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, CEOs are voicing record levels of optimism in the global economic recovery, with 76% of global business leaders predicting that economic growth will improve in 2021. Coming off of a global recession (3.5% decline in world GDP) and a GDP contraction of 7% in SA, a record share of CEOs are optimistic about global economic growth this year.

South African economy on a ‘swoosh’ recovery

The rapid changes experienced over the past few months and leading to the current relaxation of lockdown levels, has resulted in the South African economy’s recovery taking the shape of a ‘swoosh’ of a fast decline then a quick recovery that will take time to be fully realised.

Ensuring building and office efficiency in the face of load shedding

As Eskom carries out critical maintenance on its failing units, South African landlords and facilities managers have to implement measures of their own to ensure energy security for their properties. There certainly appears to be no foreseeable end to the current load shedding, and facilities managers now have to factor in rolling blackouts as part of the daily management equation.


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