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How businesses can go on an energy diet that works

South Africa’s total energy capacity of 54.6 GW (excluding imports) should theoretically be sufficient for energy security and spare generating capacity, but it is not - as evidenced by record-level load shedding in 2022 and 2023. This was highlighted in the recently released Africa Energy Review 2023 report by PwC, which noted that the country is trying to remedy the situation by transitioning away from coal-generated power to renewables and gas – and even (to many experts’ dismay) nuclear.

How do you get rich?

Lately, I have received several questions from investors about how rich people go about their money. What do they do differently, or have they simply inherited wealth? Our clients include a substantial number of families who have accumulated wealth over many generations, but many are first generation.

BOOK REVIEW | The Wealth Money Can’t Buy

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Do you have a leaky maintenance, repair and replacement plan?

Heavy rains and flooding in parts of South Africa have put sectional title complex maintenance in the spotlight. Leaks are currently making up half of her department’s case load. While an unexpected deluge may sometimes be to blame, in many cases, the problem is a leaky Sectional Title Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Plan (MRRP).

Studying as an adult – what you need to consider

There are many reasons why people consider furthering their studies as adults. Some did not have the opportunity to pursue tertiary education straight out of high school. Others may not have felt the urge to study at that point. For many people, the impetus comes from a changing working world and the desire to keep their skills up-to-date to pursue career growth opportunities, to up-skill before returning to work after a break, or to challenge themselves and learn something new

Avoiding the ‘should’ve, could’ve & would’ve’ in your retirement years

With the increased cost of living, managing your money in your retirement years can be a challenging exercise for many. Running out of money during one’s retirement years is a prime concern for many retirees.  Although people have reasons to be concerned with the rise of economic pressures and the cost of living, consumers can lessen the risk of running out of money in retirement with proper financial planning and sound money management tools. 

Eskom “load-limiting” is an attack on individual freedom

Eskom cannot be trusted with load-limiting, as the same kind of centralisation is what caused the energy crisis in the first place. We will publish a research paper on privatisation later this year, that will set out how best to go about the privatisation of Eskom. This comes as the embattled state-owned enterprise seems to be fumbling from one bad idea to the next as it tries to stabilise power supply.

Latest claims statistics – a reality check for men

Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) confirm that women live considerably longer than men, on average. The general consensus is that the combination of men’s lifestyle choices and their reluctance to seek medical advice is a major contribution to their relatively high incidence of serious health issues at a young age.

A three-step plan to making black tax manageable

Conversations around black tax – the obligation placed on those who achieve a degree of financial success to provide for their extended families and communities – need to be centred around families rather than individuals. Frank conversations that involve clearly communicated boundaries are imperative to dealing with the emotional aspects of money management.

Retirement planning and the consequences of early withdrawals

Finding the right balance between short-term financial needs and your retirement prospects is possible with careful consideration of the various implications and good planning. Some people don’t want to stop working, while others can hardly wait to switch to a lower gear. Either way, there’s no escaping the necessity of planning for retirement.


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