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Could FSCA licenses be the growth catalyst crypto needs?

As a global leader in the cryptocurrency industry, we recognise the significance of the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority's (FSCA) recent decision to include cryptocurrencies within its licensing legislation. This move comes at a crucial time for the evolution of crypto as an investment asset class in South Africa, signalling the maturation of the local crypto market and a step towards integrating digital assets into the mainstream investment ecosystem.

South Africa’s overzealous licensing regime must be reconsidered

Despite their ostensibly noble intentions, licensing laws protect incumbent firms by preventing new, small businesses from entering the industry and competing. This is in addition to creating new avenues for corruption, and criminalising ordinary economic activities. South Africa’s licensing regime must be significantly scaled back.

Easing the licensing process will lessen the burden on government

Michael O’Brien, 17, went in for a driver’s test. The testing official failed him when the fuel light came on 23 minutes after the test started. O’Brien wasn’t happy and filed a complaint. He said it didn’t sound right as the fuel light had nothing to do with his driving ability.


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