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When women do better, economies do better

As we reflect on Women’s Month in South Africa, it is essential to acknowledge women’s contribution to society, the economy and unpaid care work – raising children, families and communities. Despite their massive contribution, women continue to face considerable challenges.

Impact sourcing – the power to transform business and uplift communities

With South Africa’s BPO industry voted the most favoured offshore CX delivery location in 2021 in the annual Ryan Strategic Advisory BPO Omnibus Survey, the burgeoning sector is well positioned to play a critical role in ‘Impact Sourcing’. 

Post-pandemic inflation: now you see it, now you don’t

Last month, US headline inflation recorded its biggest single jump in 13 years with a 5% gain from May 2020. In the wake of the global pandemic, rising vehicle prices, flight tickets, car insurance and hotels reflect a recovery in travel and higher oil prices.

Learning the lessons of a year of COVID-19

A year ago, reality started sinking in that the new coronavirus from Wuhan would not be contained to China. No fewer than 25 countries had confirmed cases, and the first deaths outside China were being reported. On 11 February 2020, the disease caused by the new coronavirus was named COVID-19.

Are companies stifling their growth potential by side-lining women?

Kamala Harris. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. These are some of the well-known names of women who have become beacons of hope for what is possible. Yet, many women continue to face steeper challenges in society, and this has become even more evident due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Survey shows young employees prefer open and honest communications

South Africa’s young people prefer to work for organisations that have business leaders who are open and honest in their communication with employees. In the eyes of younger generations, transparency has become an important factor that needs to be ensured by employers, in particular on matters relating to the business and leadership.

SURVEY | South Africa records one of the lowest hiring intentions

According to the latest Employment Outlook Survey, South African employers report limited hiring intentions for the second quarter of 2020. While 8% of employers forecast an increase in payrolls, 5% anticipate a decrease and 85% expect to make no changes. Once the data is adjusted to allow for seasonal variation, the overall outlook for South Africa stands at +2%, unchanged from the previous quarter.

SURVEY | Employment Outlook Survey for the fourth quarter 2019

According to the latest Employment Outlook Survey, South African employers report soft hiring intentions for the last quarter of the year. While 10% of employers anticipate an increase in payrolls, 6% expect a decrease and 82% forecast no change.

The risks of youth unemployment and substandard education

In celebrating the Youth Month, we are reminded that the uprising that began in Soweto more than 40 years ago was all about education, and how it profoundly changed the socio-political landscape of the country.

More businesses closing, urgent reform required

Stats SA’s April Statistics of Liquidations and Insolvencies paint a very grim picture. The number of business liquidations increased by 53.1% between April 2018 and April 2019. The number of insolvencies increased by 30.1% between March 2018 and March 2019.


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