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Combined assurance: is your organisation adequately assured?

If we have both internal and external auditors, we have combined assurance, right? Wrong! For the board of directors to claim that they have discharged their obligations to implement a Combined Assurance Model requires much more than just the appointment of internal and external auditors.

Regular board evaluation is more than simply a recommendation

Management guru, Peter Drucker, is often quoted as saying, 'If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage [or improve] it'. Constructive feedback is integral to a process of development, growth and improvement, not least in an organisational setting, and especially in the case of boards of directors.

AWARDS | Excellence in Integrated Reporting

Over the years it became clear that financial statements on their own did not tell the whole story of a company’s performance. Companies therefore started reporting on their environmental impacts, employee-related issues and corporate social responsibility issues.

Gaining the benefits from governance reporting

The first reports and disclosures in line with King IV principles are beginning to appear. King IV is effective in respect of financial years starting on or after 1 April 2017. It would appear that certain organisations still require a deeper understanding of the implications of King IV’s 'apply and explain' approach.

Why should organisations publish a meaningful integrated report?

Most modern, well-governed organisations are acutely aware of the need for their businesses to be run in an ethical and socially-conscious manner and for this ethos to be communicated to their stakeholders.
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