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Why the education sector is in dire need of more women...

Gender inequality is still rampant throughout society and in the workplace, it can take on many forms -  disparity in promotions, unequal pay and less leadership roles. While this is often the case in big corporations and civil society, we should also be turning a lens towards the education sector, where gender inequality is even more pronounced.

Impact of the evolution of the real estate industry on agents

The real estate industry has undergone a profound transformation over the past two decades and, as a result, the landscape that real estate professionals navigate today bears little resemblance to the one of even a decade ago.

The changing workplace – why job descriptions are falling behind

Is it time to say goodbye to the good old job specs? In the midst of rapid change and innovation, the concept of rigid job descriptions is fading fast. Modern workplaces are evolving, and it's clear that the traditional way of defining jobs simply doesn't cut it anymore.

STUDY | AI alters middle managers’ work

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) is a significant part of the digital transformation bringing challenges and changes to the job descriptions among management. A study we conducted shows that integrating AI systems into service teams increases demands imposed on middle management in the financial services field.

Comfort – the addiction that kills success

Only 25% of the world’s population is comfortable with changing the status quo and doing things with an innovative twist. These individuals are often called disruptors or innovators.

Preparing for ‘the great rehire’

Two years ago, the global COVID-19 pandemic changed the world. Riddled with an uncertainty of what tomorrow might bring, many who were able to, saw their homes turning into their offices, as they moved to remote working.

Skills development more critical as the transformation of 4IR continues

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a digital revolution that has massive transformative potential. Technology is rapidly evolving, and if used correctly, it can improve both the spend and quality of business operations. However, without the right skills within the business, technology is either used ineffectively or not used at all, which can be detrimental.

What the new world of work might look like

In this insightful video, I give my views on what the new world of work could look like. I discuss issues like policies that are currently being changed or created to accommodate the trends that we are starting to see and I offer advice on how companies can ensure that they are appropriately prepared for the new world of work.


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