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Investing 2020 – the year unexpected

When it comes to global markets throwing out curveballs to investors, 2020 has just lobbed out one spinner after the other. The coronavirus pandemic swept the globe, halting trade for many companies without warning and throwing markets into disarray. And it all happened so fast. 2020 has been The Year Unexpected. But in some ways, we are finding our way back to some semblance of normal.

Invest like a woman

A recent study by the Warwick Business School, which analysed the behaviour and returns of 2,800 investors over three years, found that women outperform men by 1.8%. By looking at a range of criteria, the study was able to ascertain a number of significant differences between the genders when it came to their investment behaviour. The behavioural qualities displayed by women investors - many of which are aligned to an outcome-based approach to investing - may explain their superior performance.

South African investors need to fall out of love with equities

South Africa’s equity market capitalisation equates to more than 200% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), the highest proportion in the world and a level that is simply not sustainable.

Asset emigration?

Investing offshore has nothing to do with patriotism. In the recent past, articles speaking about financial emigration and 'rushing offshore' have painted a picture of Afro-pessimists and skittish investors. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Naspers sets date for Euronext listing

The Amsterdam-listed company will have a free float of up to 27%, which Naspers believes will attract more investors to its global internet assets. Naspers plans to list its global internet assets under a new company on Amsterdam’s Euronext market on 19 July.

Comparing tax-free savings accounts with unit trusts

The close of the tax year is drawing near, meaning those wanting to make use of the tax-free savings account allowance have their last opportunity on February 28 to put money away in the current tax year.

A bumpy ride for the rand in 2019?

Few currencies matched the rand’s turbulence in 2017, with factors such as Trumpenomics, the firing of finance minister Pravin Gordhan and the appointment of Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC president, contributing to the R2.04 price swing during the year.

REPORT | Enhancing the credibility of non-financial information

Investors want more credible and relevant non-financial information from companies to make informed decisions.

Key benefits of a restaurant franchise model

A franchise with a proven track record will probably have a lower risk and should therefore be an attractive investment. When investors are considering a franchise in the restaurant industry they should, however, evaluate the following pointers that could influence their decision:

Achieving the elusive 6 per cent growth rate

In 2005, former President Mbeki committed his government to an economic growth target of 6 per cent, but only after 2010. For the interim five years a more modest target of 4.5 per cent was envisaged.


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