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From hype to hero: how IoT has changed the world

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no flash-in-the-pan hyped-up tech, it’s the future of connectivity and collaboration in a freshly minted digital world. Digital transformation. Over the past year, this term has rapidly left behind its buzzword status to become a key business enabler in a world defined by pandemic restrictions and new requirements to monitor and manage systems and facilities remotely.  

Voice or void: how to be heard through changing business voice...

Most people’s first association with voice recognition technology is Siri, Apple’s now-ubiquitous personal assistant. 10 years on though, the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning initiatives suggest that voice integration has a bright future ahead.

Surviving the third (or fourth) wave with digital interventions

Downsizing, remote working and interacting with customers online have become part of the daily grind. And with the Third Wave of infections upon us, those organisations who have not yet modernised their technology environments will find it increasingly difficult to survive.

Future of mining – digging deep with IoT

The pace at which digital transformation has swept across industries continues to increase rapidly in response to COVID-19. There is no doubt that many businesses across all sectors have leapfrogged several years of progress within a matter of months.

Satellite enables cloud services

Private cloud, public cloud, it doesn’t matter effectively cloud computing combines computing with a broad grid of data communications. Mostly, the grid is supplied by the global internet, provided you have a reliable connection to the internet.

Supply chain megatrends: shaping the next era

This tumultuous year has placed incredible pressure on people, on relationships and on the global economy. However, one component of the economy has proven its resilience throughout the pandemic and the lockdown: global supply chains.

REPORT | Disruptive shifts of cyber threats

2020 witnessed a dramatic cyber threat landscape from beginning to end. Although the pandemic played a central role, as the year progressed cyber adversaries evolved attacks with increasingly disruptive outcomes. They maximised the expanded digital attack surface beyond the core network, to target remote work or learning, and the digital supply chain.

Connectivity shaping future mobility

The pandemic and the lockdown have reduced our mobility, but our connectedness - via IoT, the Cloud and AI - has helped us overcome this. As society gets moving again, connectedness will redefine the way we do it.

5G is coming – here’s what it could mean for South...

The rollout of 5G in South Africa's urban centres is likely to be one of the most significant technology events of 2021. Where 3G and 4G LTE technology provided increased speeds compared to their predecessors, 5G will establish an entirely new innovation platform upon which many of the technologies and day-to-day conveniences of the future will be built.

Innovation for future disruption – dream big, start small, scale...

Statistics show that companies that are evolving by embracing speed and agility are growing at twice the rate of companies that are struggling to scale innovation.


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