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The next three years do not look like the new normal they look like the never normal. It is not a pessimistic way of describing it but a realistic way, and it means that we need to think long and hard about planning and strategy and execution. There will be a lot of strategic thinking wastage over the next three years, and in our view, we cannot spend enough time studying how people are thinking and how they are reacting to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, the economy, and technology.

Business continuity: achieving end-to-end visibility of supply chain

For many enterprises, their siloed, traditional Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems are proving to be their Achilles’ heel when trying to operate in unprecedented circumstances, preventing business continuity and resilience.

Constant release of new features can erode customer trust

Businesses must release new, exciting digital experiences and products at higher velocities than ever before to remain relevant and continue to increase their share of wallet in this brave new world which we refer to as the post-digital era. This unprecedented pace of innovation has several unintended consequences, which, if not purposefully addressed, can erode trust and alienate customers.

Next generation CMT operators can unlock billions of value

The adoption of key technologies in the South African communication, media and technology (CMT) space, can unlock R182 billion in value for the industry, consumers and society at large by 2026, we found in recent study.

Cyber security in times of COVID-19 pandemic

Prior to the pandemic we were seeing the usual scams impersonating banks, telcos, and shipping companies but now a portion of them have switched to using the pandemic, the World Health Organisation, the American Centers for Disease Control and various international and local charitable organisations as bait.

BOOK REVIEW | Human Centric

Never before have we had so much information so readily available at our fingertips and there is no doubt that acceleration of innovation and the velocity of disruption underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution are having a major impact on businesses.

Reporting strategy – measuring its success

In this final article examining the business advantages of an effective reporting strategy, the focus turns to measuring the success of a project. As part of this, attention must turn to the key elements required to make a project successful.

The biggest prediction miss in the history of IT

Analysts and major enterprises predicted 50 billion IoT devices would be connected by 2020, yet the true figure stands closer to 9 billion. We ask if this is the biggest failure in the history of IT, and we identify the six key challenges that IoT must overcome in 2020 to reach its potential.

A cloud built on integrated security

With the cloud services market expected to grow at a rate of 28% over the next five years to top R23 billion by 2023, South African companies have finally woken up to its potential. Providing some of the impetus behind this is the local availability of Microsoft Azure data centres.

2020 cybersecurity predictions

With data breaches hitting headlines daily, security professionals are constantly concerned about the next big threat. Whether it’s ransomware, phishing or endpoint attacks, there’s always something on the horizon waiting for its turn in the spotlight.



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