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Do you have a leaky maintenance, repair and replacement plan?

Heavy rains and flooding in parts of South Africa have put sectional title complex maintenance in the spotlight. Leaks are currently making up half of her department’s case load. While an unexpected deluge may sometimes be to blame, in many cases, the problem is a leaky Sectional Title Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Plan (MRRP).

How to get a dream job

Looking for a job in the marketing industry can be daunting, but if you want to show that you can promote products and services on behalf of a brand, the first step is to demonstrate an ability to market yourself. What can you do to make sure your application gets noticed and you land an interview?

Building your reputation, where to start

What exactly is reputation management? Is it public relations (PR) and clever marketing? Perhaps, crisis or social media management? A reputation is the perception or opinion that others hold about your company. It is formed based on numerous things such as past behaviour, actions, and achievements, and can have a significant impact on how your company is viewed and treated by others.

Dealing with disruption – best practices for maintaining smooth supply chains

Disruption has become the norm in today’s global supply chains with various challenges impacting the efficiency and reliability of logistical operations. South African organisations must embrace a proactive mindset and develop robust strategies to deal effectively with disruption in this ever-evolving landscape.

Strengthening supplier management processes against fraud

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) not only have a serious fiduciary duty to themselves as individuals, but they also have a responsibility to their employer to ensure that every step of every financial process is in order and above board. The consequences of financial mismanagement are multiple – again, individually as well as for the company.

Honesty and truthfulness – can the Corporate Governance Framework® help?

Authentic leaders embrace honesty and truthfulness as core principles of their leadership style. They strive to build trust, inspire their teams and foster an environment of openness and integrity. This approach appears to be cut-and-dried. However, in reality, being honest and truthful can be rather tricky.

Unleashing transformational corporate leadership

It is important to have a clear understanding of what transformational leadership is before we explore the topic. By definition, it is a leadership style that goes beyond traditional management practices which involves inspiring and motivating followers to achieve their full potential, challenging the status quo, and driving meaningful change within the organisation.

ITHUBA Celebrates 8 Years Of Gaming Excellence

ITHUBA emerges as Africa's leading National Lottery Operator, celebrating 8 Years of unprecedented success. This is their story; from start-up to standout. ITHUBA, South Africa's proud National Lottery Operator, is marking its 8th anniversary this month, solidifying its position as the top operator in Africa. From humble beginnings to extraordinary success, ITHUBA's journey is a remarkable tale of innovation, excellence, and philanthropy.

BOOK REVIEW | Corrupted

Through investigatory reports and interviews, Jonathan Jansen reveals the structural conditions for chronic dysfunction in a sample of South African universities. He reveals the political economy at work and the intense competition for resources on campuses. He also provides interventions for these fragile institutions.

Lessons learned in today’s business climate

With GDP growth prospects forecast at a meagre 1.3% for 2019, and 1.7% in 2020, business confidence in mid-2019 remains at an all-time low. Exacerbated by policy uncertainty, debilitating bouts of power cuts, challenges in industries such as mining, and political events like national elections, getting out of the slump continues to be a pipe dream for corporate South Africa.


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