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Why an estate plan & a financial plan need to co-exist

When we think about estate planning, we think of a plan outlining a tax-efficient way to deal with our assets when we pass away. Instead of viewing this as a ‘death plan’, try to think of it as a ‘life plan’ – a strategy created during your lifetime to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled, and that your loved ones benefit as intended after you pass away.

How much funding does a business need?

Determining the right amount of funding a business needs is a common challenge for many small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This is due to several reasons or practical challenges. To begin with, no business is the same. Funding requirements and the use of credit will vary based on business life stage (start, run or grow), operating cycles, growth plans, industry, and market conditions

Getting the right type of business funding

Accessing the right funding and financing, at the right time, can mean the difference between starting up, staying open, or shutting down. The economy is facing a challenging business environment, with slow global growth, economic volatility, and ongoing power supply issues. This means that many businesses in South Africa are still trying to find their financial footing

Are TFSA’s a waste of time?

South Africans should understand that if they have substantial sums of money deposited in either a bank or investment account, they will inevitably be required to pay taxes on the income or capital growth derived from it.

Budget 2024 – mixed expectations in an election year

With the budget speech being delivered in an election year, I expect to hear populist promises and over-optimism which is geared more to voters than the financial markets. We will need to scrutinise the numbers coming out of the budget very carefully to see if Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana’s budget proposals are viable and achievable given the country’s high debt burden and strained tax base.

Unforeseen tax debt arising from crypto trading

Landing in a position of indebtedness to South African Revenue Service (SARS) can be quite a stressful journey on its own; if forgetting to leave room for crypto profits or gain, in your suitcase, the destination becomes all that more daunting.

SARS open to engage with remote workers & tax advisors

The draft tax law amendment published in August and targeting foreign employers has inadvertently led to an uproar amongst South African remote workers who fear the law change may disincentivise foreign employers from retaining the services of South African talent.

Draft Tax Law Amendments – what you need to know

On 31 July 2023, National Treasury released their annual draft tax law amendments, for public comment. Although still at the draft stage, there are some pertinent proposed changes for which the supporting systems have already been implemented i.e., the “Beneficial Ownership Registers”.

Retirement planning and the consequences of early withdrawals

Finding the right balance between short-term financial needs and your retirement prospects is possible with careful consideration of the various implications and good planning. Some people don’t want to stop working, while others can hardly wait to switch to a lower gear. Either way, there’s no escaping the necessity of planning for retirement.

No wealth tax, but trustees beware

Despite speculations that government has revived plans to introduce a wealth tax, the focus of the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has instead shifted to compliance of wealthy taxpayers with complex financial structures as well as trusts.


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