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Hosted learnerships connect funding to job creation & growth

Skills development in the form of learnerships is an essential element of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard, accounting for a significant portion of the score for large enterprises in particular. However, not all businesses have the capacity, availability, or ability to take on sufficient learners to meet their obligations.

Managing data governance in the era of AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly integral to business operations, data governance is essential to ensure the ethical and effective use of this technology. Integrating AI responsibly into business processes must be an organisational priority.

The changing workplace – why job descriptions are falling behind

Is it time to say goodbye to the good old job specs? In the midst of rapid change and innovation, the concept of rigid job descriptions is fading fast. Modern workplaces are evolving, and it's clear that the traditional way of defining jobs simply doesn't cut it anymore.

Managing Generation Z in a hybrid work environment

Imagine a manager who is all about getting things done within a specific timeframe, a true advocate for efficiency and productivity. This manager, often perceived as strict, means business. But here is the twist – the moment they see their team fired up, committed to growth, and thriving, suddenly, they radiate positivity and support for their team.

A diversity journey goes beyond tick box

When different people come together, unique and innovative ideas and perspectives are fostered. From an organisational point of view, the more diverse your team the greater potential for creative, innovative, and solution-orientated thinking. Diversity and inclusion go beyond recognising differences in race, gender, or culture; it's about truly understanding people on a deeper level.

ESG and B-BBEE – driving sustainable transformation

With over 13 years of working in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) space, we have witnessed an evolving landscape of transformation. From verifying compliance to fostering inclusivity, his path has taken him from corporate corridors to government initiatives.


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