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The ins & outs of international arbitration

While emotions might run high during a business disagreement, choosing the right dispute resolution method is a practical decision. Dispute resolution attorneys understand this and that it is inevitable for disputes to arise. For this reason, companies must grasp and understand how international arbitrations work, so as to be well-equipped to navigate disputes effectively when they occur.

Amending the NHI – a complex process beyond government’s narrative

The recent statements by ANC parliamentary chief whip Pemmy Majodina regarding the National Health Insurance (NHI) bill's ‘amendability’ have highlighted a significant misunderstanding of the law making process. Majodina's assurance that the bill can be amended if necessary, simplifies a complex legislative and judicial process.

The digital tightrope walk for business & human rights

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation but also presents significant challenges and risks, especially concerning human rights and corporate governance.

The faded rainbow – 30 Years into South Africa’s democracy

Three decades into our constitutional democracy, the remnants of our dark past continue to lurk in the layered echelons of our unequal society. In commemoration of Freedom Day, we are reminded that though blood was shed and sacrifices were made to attain this freedom, not all South Africans are privy to its gains. Many South Africans are politically free yet economically poor.

The destructive minimum wage legislation must be repealed

According to Statistics South Africa, the SA unemployment rate in the third Quarter (Q3) of 2023 was 41.2% (7.8 million people). In addition, youth unemployment (ages 15 to 34 years) in Q3 was 4.6 million, out of a total of 12.4 million unemployed people in the country. The total population is 61.02 million.

Building whistle blower confidence to enhance OHS

The processes for reporting dangerous workplaces can significantly differ from one organisation to another. Notably, there seems to be a lack of consideration for an anonymous reporting mechanism, leaving individuals raising concerns vulnerable to potential identification by others within the organisation who may take issue with the report.

Talking about Gaza, means we are not talking about electricity or...

Howard Feldman | Head of Marketing & People | Synthesis Technologies | mail me | Back in 1995, former World Bank vice-president Dr Ismail Serageldin said: "If the...

Only a blended healthcare system will enable a viable NHI

South Africa's healthcare system has experienced significant transformations over the years. One of the most pressing issues is the need for more resources and funding, which has resulted in limited access to healthcare services for South Africans.

Understanding interdicts as a legal remedy

An interdict can be a powerful remedy for enforcing and protecting one’s rights. An interdict is an order of court that can either restrain someone from engaging in a certain or specific action or compel someone to fulfil a particular or definable obligation.

ESG – BHR – unpacking the stages of the human rights...

Businesses are required to take ownership of, and commit to, respecting human rights in their organisations and throughout their entire value chain. They need to act on identifying, preventing, mitigating, and remediating negative human rights impacts that may result from their operations or their business relationships, by putting the necessary systems and controls in place. 


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