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SA’s approach to energy transition could be a lesson for Africa

From October 3 to 7 this year, African and global leaders in the oil and gas sector will converge in Cape Town for Africa Oil Week. In the lead-up to the conference, the debate around Africa's use of its natural resources for its benefit is coming into sharp focus, including the conference host country - South Africa.

COP26 – ambitious commitments and a just transition

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26) occurs at a critical time for Africa. The continent is particularly vulnerable to the threat of climate change and is already susceptible to some of its adverse effects. Across the continent, businesses, industries, societies, and the natural environment are under threat from rising global temperatures caused by extremely high levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

A new route in energy while creating new markets and products

Oil and gas companies looking to establish winning positions in the decarbonisation transition and beyond cannot achieve that goal by themselves. They will need the help of their customers, particularly those that are heavily dependent on hydrocarbons, and adjacent sectors, and be part of developing the cross-sectoral actions.

Reimaging, recreating and restoring our ecosystems

Life on earth is symbiotic, each component within the ecosystem plays a significant role – you only have to examine how the loss of the bee population today is affecting food systems – to be reminded of just how interconnected everything really is.

World Population Day: Waste not, want not – is the world’s...

As the global population continues to increase, waste generation is threatening biodiversity and the planet as a whole. With the global population expected to significantly exceed nine billion people by 2050, of which some 2.5 billion will be living on the African continent, biodiversity is shrinking, even as the waste generated by billions of people grows exponentially.

The state of the world 2050 for oil and gas leaders

Decarbonisation of the energy system, from a hydrocarbon-based to a sustainable, low-carbon energy system poses an existential threat to the oil and gas industry. On the other hand, it presents oil and gas companies with new portfolio opportunities to build adjacent businesses, shape and participate in new markets, and drive new sources of value from existing assets and capabilities.

BOOK REVIEW | How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

In this urgent, authoritative book, Bill Gates sets out a wide-ranging, practical and accessible plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid a climate catastrophe. Bill Gates has spent a decade investigating the causes and effects of climate change.

Energy decarbonisation: mapping a bold new direction for oil and gas...

The 'Decarbonisation Transition' is set to introduce an entirely new set of rules, challenges and opportunities. According to our latest research, Decarbonising Energy, from A to Zero, transforming the fossil fuel-based energy system to one that is sustainable and decarbonised is one of humanity’s greatest challenges, and greatest opportunities to make global energy supplies more available and affordable than ever before.

Pursuing a triple zero future: the new reality for mining in...

The mining industry has envisioned a new future where business, human and environmental interests are not competing priorities, but complementary strengths: a 'Triple Zero' future of zero harm, zero loss, and zero waste. In the Triple Zero future, where zero harm is lived out day-to-day, the health and well-being of the workforce act as a fulcrum for sustainable business operations.

The role of a cool roof to help reduce the country’s...

Several years after the famed signing of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, there is still much progress to be made on the road to a more sustainable world. Having signed the agreement, South Africa is facing hotter and drier summers, and continued high levels of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to the rest of Africa.


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