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Navigating FICA compliance for the retail industry

The South African retail industry operates in a complex and challenging environment. Economic uncertainty, rising costs, and unpredictable consumer demands have created conditions in which retailers must constantly adapt to survive.

Buying or renting solar panels? Here’s how to protect your investment

The past year has seen a significant increase in the number of people looking to invest in solar technology for household use. However, despite the convenience, cost-saving and home upgrading potential that comes with renting or owning solar panels, it also comes with several risks.

Calling all young entrepreneurs – the mental toolbox needed to succeed

Ask any budding young entrepreneur in South Africa what they need most, and they will probably rattle off a list as long as your arm: Some moola to invest in their business. A stable electricity supply. The eradication of crime that destroys businesses and results in financial loss. Lower borrowing costs. Reasonable interest rates. And the list goes on.

Challenges faced by small auditing firms

COVID-19 came with its own challenges for businesses, requiring companies to pivot and adapt to new ways of working and changed the working environment completely. Small auditing firms were not spared from this, they needed to quickly adapt and fully equip their employees with resources to ensure that they continue to operate and serve their client’s needs.

PCI DSS v4.0 – a game-changer in social engineering awareness &...

As social engineering attacks continue to rise in sophistication and prevalence, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has evolved to address this growing threat. PCI DSS v4.0 places a strong emphasis on social engineering awareness and prevention, going beyond generic security training to mandate specific technology and controls.

Cybercrime – court reaffirms who bears responsibility for payment where email...

Cybercrime remains rife, despite the efforts to combat it. In a recent court case, the court reaffirmed the legal position as to who bears responsibility for payment where a third-party accesses an email system, changes the banking details, and payment is made into an incorrect account.

Legal reforms needed to combat unauthorised image use

If your image (physical image, voice, signature, likeness, etc.) has been used without your consent for commercial purposes, especially in the absence of a contract, proving your case in court would be difficult because South African law does not recognise the existence of a distinct image right.

In sickness & in war – insurance coverage for global events

Events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and rising levels of cybercrime are encouraging insurers to revisit their policy wording to exclude certain events. Over the past three years, the world has suffered serious humanitarian and financial losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and catastrophic weather, political unrest and wars in central Africa, Europe and more recently, the Middle East.

Strengthening supplier management processes against fraud

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) not only have a serious fiduciary duty to themselves as individuals, but they also have a responsibility to their employer to ensure that every step of every financial process is in order and above board. The consequences of financial mismanagement are multiple – again, individually as well as for the company.

Poor data maintenance leads to data ‘load shedding’

Data integrity, security, and availability are vital aspects to consider whether it pertains to personal information, business records, or research data. However, many individuals and organisations often neglect the importance of data maintenance, which can lead to data ‘load shedding’, a term used to describe the loss, corruption, or unavailability of data due to poor data management practices.


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