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How businesses can leverage games to drive social change

Games are one of the biggest entertainment categories in the world today. Globally, video games are worth more than US$242 billion and are expected to be worth nearly US$584 billion by 2030. Over the last two decades, gaming has also become so much more accessible.

Teaching children financial savviness

An oftentimes overlooked subject when it comes to effective parenting, empowering children with financial literacy from a young age is one of the greatest gifts parents can give to their children. As the world becomes increasingly complex, teaching your little ones about sound financial management isn’t just about educating them about what Rands and cents are or, how money works; it’s about equipping them with the skills and knowledge to navigate a financially savvy future.

South Africans are losing financial literacy

In the wake of COVID-19 and the accelerated digitisation of financial services, the gap between South Africans who have highly developed financial literacy and those with little or none has not just widened – it has taken on new dimensions.  The consequences for South African society are dire.

Optimal tertiary education – boost careers, maximise funds

The rush to enrol at universities and colleges is just about over. But by December, about 60% of the students who enrolled this year will drop out. With the dropout rate will go the career dreams of many, hard-earned savings, and the realisation that student loans will now have to be repaid.

Mind over money matters – taking steps to nurture a financial...

Like it or not, money lies at the very core of modern society. When considering financial wellbeing as the balance point between life hurdles or hardships and comfortable adjustment, the importance of money matters is apparent, explains psychologist Dr Erika Hitge.

The impact of financial stress in the workplace

With the mounting cost of monthly expenses such as rent, transport, food, and electricity, financial stress has become a growing concern for South Africans who are trudging through these tough economic times.

Stokvels – a booming industry for South Africa’s economy

Stokvels are on the move: moving from villages to cities, from beneath mattresses into savings accounts and investment instruments. As they move and evolve, their potential for growth and their ability to create wealth increases.

Splurging, squirrelling or spending-savvy – what’s your money love language?

You might have heard of the ‘love languages’, referring to the different ways that people show – and in turn – want to experience love. Want sweet-somethings whispered in your ear? Words of affirmation are your love language.

Advantages of starting to plan for a retirement at an early...

Retirement planning is one of the most important parts of your financial journey, but it is often neglected or postponed until close to retirement age. Starting to plan for retirement is easier when you are still young, and you have few financial responsibilities.

FSCA highlights a decline in consumer financial control as the holidays...

After a long, hard year, many of us look forward to charging full steam into the festive season; spending and spoiling ourselves and our loved ones with abandon. And when it comes time to deal with the consequences of our financial decisions…well, isn’t that what January is for?


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