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Siri “Navigate My Business towards Optimal Performance”

Around 80% of smart phone owners use navigation applications regularly. In fact, many of us are so used to using these navigation tools, we even use them when familiar with our planned destination. For something so ingrained in our day to day lives, few of us have really stopped to think what these navigation apps are doing.

Lending predictions for 2022

In an environment where everything is changing - the way we work, travel, meet and shop - the world of credit is adapting quickly. The pandemic isn’t the sole cause of this, as fintechs have been upending traditional banking models for years. Here’s what we see for next year.

Ways to fight holiday shopping fraud in 2021

Welcome to the holiday shopping season for 2021, the second impacted by the pandemic. Supply chain issues aren’t the only things that can ruin your holidays this year. Global Supply chain issues and scenes of countless ships waiting to unload their global cargo have certainly reminded us all of how interconnected we are around the globe.

What are the rules for the ethical use of AI?

A few months ago, intellectual property officials in South Africa became the first in the world to award a patent that names an artificial intelligence (AI) as the inventor of the product. The moment was a triumph for Ryan Abbott, a professor at the University of Surrey who has for years led a battle against patent offices around the world to recognise artificial intelligences as investor.

Beyond responsible AI – steps to auditable artificial intelligence

Auditable AI provides the documentation and records necessary to pass a regulatory review. With novel artificial intelligence (AI) applications multiplying like rabbits these days, it may seem like the current wave of AI innovation is all beer and skittles.

The commandments of digital banking for your business

The trouble with following conventional wisdom is that it is always changing. Proximity to the branch matters. Branches are closing. Multi-channel. Omni-channel. Digital first. Digital only. Mobile first. Mobile only. Friction is bad for customer experience (CX).

Essentials to look for in a platform to fight fraud and...

Choosing the decisioning platform for your organisation to combat fraud and financial crime. There are a growing number of decisioning platforms to choose from to combat fraud and financial crime. Many find making the right selection overwhelming, knowing that the choice made will have a lasting, monumental impact on their organisation for years to come.

Illegal wildlife trade – what banks must do

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) released their report on ‘Money Laundering and the Illegal Wildlife Trade’ a topic that has been sitting on the side-lines for a long time, overshadowed by more prominent criminal ventures, such as drug trafficking.

Automation and AI can bolster the fight against money laundering

Several extensive investigations around the globe into the activities of banks have revealed massive failings in the fight against money laundering. The research showed that more and more criminals are exploiting the financial system and laundering their black money by means of quick and immediate remittances.

Debt collection faces a corona tsunami

The economies in many countries have not seen a recession for more than a decade. Low levels of unemployment and low loss rates in retail credit have allowed banks to lose focus on their collection and recovery departments.


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