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BOOK REVIEW | The Gathering

A detective investigating a grisly crime in rural Alaska finds herself caught up in the dark secrets and superstitions of a small town in this riveting novel from the acclaimed author of The Chalk Man. In a small Alaskan town, a boy is found with his throat ripped out and the blood drained from his body. The brutality of the murder of chillingly echoes a killing from twenty-five years ago.

Deepfakes & legal evidence – how will the quest for authenticity...

In a 1745 English judgment Lord Hardwicke stated, “The judges and sages of the law have laid it down that there is but one...

BusinessBrief April/May 2024 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story titled Deepfakes & legal evidence – how will the quest for authenticity be navigated? by Patrick Bracher, Director, and...

Building whistle blower confidence to enhance OHS

The processes for reporting dangerous workplaces can significantly differ from one organisation to another. Notably, there seems to be a lack of consideration for an anonymous reporting mechanism, leaving individuals raising concerns vulnerable to potential identification by others within the organisation who may take issue with the report.

Navigating the tide of CCMA changes

In the ever-changing South African labour market, the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration (CCMA) has adopted digital transformation to improve accessibility and efficiency. The introduction of an online portal streamlines CCMA referrals, accommodating modern communication demands.

Tenant eviction – what are your rights as landlord?

For most landlords, tenant evictions are a last resort, due to the substantial expense, lengthy time and emotionally taxing nature of this complex process. However, with the Q2 2023 PayProp Rental Index revealing that the number of tenants in arrears has risen to an alarming 18.4% - the highest figure recorded since 2021 - many have found themselves with no choice but to seek legal recourse.

Decoding expat tax

Expatriate tax is complex, intricate and can be challenging to understand – especially if one does not have the basics, such as what is an expat, down pat. Simply, an expatriate, or expat, is an individual who has relocated from their home country to another, either temporarily or permanently.

BOOK REVIEW | Zondo at your Fingertips

400 days of hearings. Over 300 witnesses called. 3,171 summonses issued. Transcripts running to 75,069 pages. 1,731,106 pages of documentary evidence submitted in public hearings. 8,655,530 pages printed for public hearings purposes.

Understanding interdicts as a legal remedy

An interdict can be a powerful remedy for enforcing and protecting one’s rights. An interdict is an order of court that can either restrain someone from engaging in a certain or specific action or compel someone to fulfil a particular or definable obligation.

Grounds of review of arbitration awards

The CCMA is tasked with resolving disputes between employers and employees through conciliation, mediation, and arbitration. However, there is a possibility that the commissioner could make a mistake during the process, which is why the grounds for reviewing a CCMA award are essential. This article will explore the grounds of review in the CCMA.


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