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Preliminary view of the draft IRP 2023

South Africa has experienced severe load shedding (i.e. controlled/scheduled power cuts), almost daily, since September 2022. This recent spike and high frequency of load shedding can be largely attributed to a significant drop in Energy Availability Factor of the coal fleet that has not been optimally maintained due to several  factors.

Harnessing solar – a complete guide to renting vs buying

As load shedding persists and solar gains popularity in South Africa, households are left with the decision of either buying or renting a solution. Solar solutions have taken centre stage in South African homes. The quest for an “always on” lifestyle has propelled consumers into a crucial crossroads: should you rent or buy your solar system?

The 3D reset that will change global investing

Decarbonisation, demographics and deglobalisation (3Ds) are changing the investing landscape and presenting investors with a new set of investment opportunities.

Reimagining the future of energy through innovative sustainable technologies

In the past few years, we’ve seen the increase of wind and solar power generation as a cost-effective substitute for fossil fuels. Solar power is notorious as a go-to option and the fastest-growing energy source, playing a critical role to achieving a sustainable carbon free future. However, with renewable energy not available twenty-four hours a day, the need for balanced and flexible power generation is becoming rapidly apparent.

Load shedding may have dealt media a curveball but OOH is...

Recently, there’ve been more than a few conversations that lament the knock that load shedding is having on the out of home (OOH) media industry, specifically digital out of home (DOOH). We’ve seen respected marketers and other media professionals postulate (rather irresponsibly, in my humble opinion) that the ongoing drive by media owners to ensure that screens stay on probably means that innovation and expansion have been put on ice.

Do research before moving off the grid with solar

Load shedding remains a thorn in the side of all South Africans and the country’s government, and it’s no surprise that more people are considering the move to solar as a renewable alternative energy source. However, the market is fraught with danger for the unsuspecting and desperate homeowner and consumers need to inform themselves and proceed with caution.

Powering data centres for sustainability

South Africa’s data centre market, the largest in Africa with more than 20 co-location centres, is expected to grow to over $3.23 billion, from just $1.71 billion in 2021. These data centres reflect the rapacious demand for data to deliver our information needs, entertainment, and even our very lives.

Battery energy storage for business

For most businesses, hours without electricity are hours that revenue, resources and opportunities are lost. It is important for businesses to diversify their energy sources and battery storage has become an increasingly favourable, and in many cases, indispensable option.

Measuring the EPC rating of a building

As the name suggests, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a measure of the energy efficiency performance of a building. And while it is still too early to judge its impact (deadline for certification is December this year), it has massive potential to act as impetus to reduce carbon emissions in the country.

Reducing energy consumption and cost

In the first quarter of the year, Eskom and the government committed to developing a workable strategy to stabilise the national grid as capacity is ramped up and maintenance is scheduled. Following a briefing by deputy president David Mabuza on events at the national utility and electricity constraints, a Technical Review Panel appointed by the Eskom board and Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan promised a plan by April.


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