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Is it mandatory to be immunised in the workplace?

Many employers have placed their hopes of a return to the pre-COVID-19 workplace on the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. South Africa is in the process of acquiring and rolling out vaccines, however, it seems that although people are encouraged to be immunised, no one will, at this stage, be legally required to take the vaccine.

An employer cannot unilaterally change an employee’s retirement age

An employer cannot unilaterally change an employee’s retirement age. Should the employer do so and terminate the employee’s employment, the dismissal may constitute an automatically unfair dismissal and amount to unfair discrimination.

Draft code of practice on workplace violence and harassment published

The Minister of Employment and Labour has published for comment a Draft Code of Practice on the Prevention and Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work (Code). The Code applies to all sectors (both public and private) in the formal and informal economy.

Additional obligations for designated employers under The Employment Equity Act

A recent bill submitted to Parliament for consideration would seek to impose potentially stringent new quotas for numerical targets for the employment of persons from designated groups. 

Dismissal unfair if rehab is needed

The law prohibits employers from disciplining employees who are ill or disabled. The Employment Equity Act prohibits unfair discrimination against employees on the grounds of illness. Section 187(1)(f) of the Labour Relations Act  (LRA) renders automatically unfair a dismissal implemented due to the employee’s illness.

Corruption scandals: ethical and exemplary leadership essential

South Africa has faced many crises before, but the one we are now in has convoluted our collective thinking about what true leadership is all about. The political atmosphere in the country has deepened the leadership question and has resulted in creating a tense and protest-filled environment.

Women’s representation on boards need to improve drastically

In the run-up to International Women’s Day (8 March) it’s important to note that while half of the South African population and 45% of the employed workforce are female, only 20% of directors of JSE-listed companies are women. New report recommends voluntary target of 30% female board members.

2020 ushers in new importance for HR and payroll data

This year will see HR and payroll data play a pivotal role in business, becoming an increasingly valuable asset that provides a snapshot overview of the current status of the business. This is according to Ian McAlister, general manager of CRS Technologies.

Using a TES to navigate labour law complexities

South Africa has a complex labour environment, and depending on the industry a business operates in or the specific operational needs of the business, the laws applicable may differ. This landscape can become immensely complex to navigate, which is exacerbated further when it comes to flexible or part-time work, temporary or contract employment.

Job evaluation 101: what is it and why do businesses need...

The role of job evaluation, also referred to as job grading is still poorly understood in the corporate sector. Job evaluation give companies the information they need to fairly, accurately and competitively determine the salaries of staff - amongst many other functions.


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