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Why the #RightsOnFlights movement matters for business

There is a lot of buzz about passengers' rights and the accessibility of air travel – from which arm rail belongs to whom, to whether passengers should be allowed to bring service animals on board, to the better care of disabled people and their essential equipment. But one conversation in particular has taken hold. Alongside the RightsOnFlights hashtag.

South Africa’s initial step to establish an AI policy & regulatory...

At the AI Government Summit on 5 April 2024, the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT) launched South Africa’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Planning Discussion Document with the purpose of the discussion document being to initiate discussion between the public and private sector to facilitate AI innovation. 

How AI tools are transforming coaching

Coaching is a caring profession characterised by a trusted relationship, authentic connection, and a collaborative partnership between the coach and client. At the core of coaching lie deep, one-to-one, empathetic conversations. The ‘human touch’ is not just important, it’s critical to the whole coaching endeavour.

Bridging disparities – government must prioritise AI in education

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been comprehensively embraced in the private sector in South Africa in less than a year, but more must be done to ensure that the public sector – and especially students in public schools and universities – are also empowered and prepared for the future world of work.

How teachers can use AI

Spare a thought for educators. Artificial intelligence (AI) has made their jobs harder, particularly when spotting plagiarism and corner-cutting among learners. Yet, AI also offers new opportunities for educators to do more with less and create new engagement within their classes.

Building a privacy-first organisation in the age of AI

With consumers increasingly aware of both the value of their data and of the threats to it, it’s never been more crucial for business leaders to respect user privacy. The South Africa’s Information Regulator has stated that local companies report at least 100 cyber security breaches every month.

The EFF pillars are built to crumble

Since 2013, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) under wannabe despot Julius Malema has had seven so-called non-negotiable pillars. At their core, these pillars are stereotypical, rote policies of an ill-thought national socialist state. In practice, they will be disastrous for this country.

Why the education sector is in dire need of more women...

Gender inequality is still rampant throughout society and in the workplace, it can take on many forms -  disparity in promotions, unequal pay and less leadership roles. While this is often the case in big corporations and civil society, we should also be turning a lens towards the education sector, where gender inequality is even more pronounced.

Family businesses are adapting to a myriad of complexities

As the new year unfolds, many business leaders across Africa are assessing the 2023 year to chart an increasing resilient path ahead. Last year, major key events unfolded that had global repercussions on supply chains, businesses and the leaders of those businesses.

From crisis to transformation – the future of learning

It MIGHT be trite, but the world is a very different place to what it was three years ago before the advent of the...


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