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Rent seeking – what does it profit a people?

Some societies are better able than others to withstand adverse weather events such as droughts and storms, and even earthquakes, with fewer deaths and less economic and social disruption. Such societies also seem to have less crime, greater social cohesion, and greater economic optimism.

Miscalculations and recalculations

The market lens for the rest of 2022 will be focused on the impact of political and policy miscalculations. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has fully miscalculated the West’s response to his invasion of Ukraine. The speed, strength and unity of global sanctions is bringing about economic collapse in his country.

BOOK REVIEW | Future-Proof Yourself

Reframing disruption is necessary to thrive through chaos and change. Future-proof Yourself is written for such a time as this, helping us to win at both work and life, regardless of circumstances. It’s a compelling and practical guide to helping individuals and business leaders to reframe and reinvent in the face of uncertainty and change.

BOOK REVIEW | Disruption Amplified

The world has entered a period of accelerated change. This has everything to do with the disruptive events of 2020, the cognitive rewiring which each of us is going through, and the profound macro shifts reshaping the world as we know it.

COVID-19: survey reveals deep challenges for small businesses

Findings from the pre-lockdown COVID-19 National Small Business Survey shows deep economic challenges for small businesses during these unpredictable times. The survey canvassed thousands of small businesses throughout the country, providing valuable insight into the devastating effects as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in the sector, these effects deemed to worsen significantly over the coming weeks. 

Assisting small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis

We have launched the COVID-19 Small Business Relief Centre to assist small businesses during this crisis. With the collaboration of experts in various business fields, this centre hopes to help small businesses weather the current coronavirus storm successfully.


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