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Diamonds are forever – the case for investing in the luxury...

In recent years, market uncertainty has become the norm, leaving most investors actively searching for opportunities that offer them stability and long-term growth potential while limiting volatility in the face of constantly shifting economic sands. Against this backdrop, the luxury goods sector has emerged as a compelling investment opportunity for investors.

The three apples that changed our world

Three iconic apples have profoundly shaped human behaviour over the centuries. It began with Eve's fateful bite, symbolising our innate temptation for social status. Then came Newton's apple, revealing the gravitational forces that exist between objects and people. Finally, there was Steve Jobs' Apple, putting a powerful handheld window to the world in our palms - allowing us to seamlessly connect, purchase, and share our lifestyles like never before.

Reasons why digitisation is vital to ensure resilient supply chains

For any business involved in local or global trade, a robust supply chain is key to sustainable success. The simple reality is that trade disruptions come in many forms, from natural disasters and geopolitical crises, to trade conflicts and even pandemics; and in all these scenarios, a strong supply chain is required to keep a business running, avoid losses, and retain its edge over the competition.

AI & ‘phygital’ experiences re-set to reshape the customer journey

With brands recognising the power of conversations, AI-driven solutions, and phygital experiences, consumers can anticipate more personalised, seamless, and satisfying engagements with businesses this year. As technological innovations continue to shape the business landscape, 2024 is poised to be a transformative year for customer experience (CX).

May elections – crucial role of telecommunications security

With national election taking place this month, we are stressing the importance of robust telecommunications security to facilitate a successful electoral process. This priority reflects our commitment to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of communications systems during crucial democratic events.

Online brand protection – best practices for brand owners

Online shopping is prevalent due to the ease and convenience with which consumers can purchase goods or services. Consumer decisions to purchase branded goods or services range from the repute of the brand and whether there is an event taking place which is endorsed by or associated with the brand for example a major sporting event, to customer reviews.

Impact of the evolution of the real estate industry on agents

The real estate industry has undergone a profound transformation over the past two decades and, as a result, the landscape that real estate professionals navigate today bears little resemblance to the one of even a decade ago.

The transformative power of edge computing & SASE across industries

Edge computing and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) are two ground breaking technologies poised to revolutionise business operations across diverse industries. These innovations offer a multitude of advantages, ranging from reduced latency and enhanced performance to heightened security, cost savings, and scalability.

Choosing e-commerce platforms – why ad platform integrations should be front...

Every e-commerce business knows that digital advertising is the key to attracting and converting customers. The success of your digital advertising strategy, in turn, depends on how effective you are in feeding platforms such as Google Ads, Meta Ads, and TikTok Ads with sufficient amounts of high-quality first-party data.

AI in retail – reshaping customer engagement & experiences

In today's fiercely competitive retail landscape, prioritising customer experience has become crucial for attaining sustainable competitive advantages and ultimately ensuring long-term success. This underscores the need for retailers now more than ever to prioritise customer engagement and aim to enhance the overall customer experience and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.


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