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Stock market shocks: what is the silver lining for young investors?

As if the threat of a large-scale outbreak of an infectious disease isn’t enough to worry about, coronavirus has financial implications too. You might have read about the virtual shutdown of industries in some parts of the world and large falls in global stock markets and in the price of commodities such as oil.

Looking to invest offshore?

Investing offshore should never be a knee-jerk reaction to current events, but rather a decision that is taken as part of an overall financial plan. With elections looming and many investors in panic mode, South Africans need to make sure they are investing offshore for the right reasons.

JSE Rand Hedges no substitute for a global portfolio

With local news agendas being dominated by the rand’s dismal performance, recent GDP woes and an economy slipping into a technical recession – South African investors are increasingly seeking shelter via offshore exposure.

VCC’s driving SME’s

Neill Hobbs | Founder and Director | Anuva Investments | neillh@anuvainvestments.co.za | www.anuvainvestments.co.za | Using a concept borrowed from the UK, SARS has written Section 12J...



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