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Transforming youth employability through innovation

As South Africa continues to grapple with its massive youth (15-34 years) unemployment rate of 4.7 million individuals (Q4 2023), there is a critical need for innovative approaches to skills development and employability. I view learnerships as an excellent platform for creative training methodologies thereby, paving the way for a more agile and adaptable workforce.

Digital treasuries – is it too early for Africa?

There are many challenges for treasuries across the world, in any market, but the developing world has an opportunity for a head start in the switch to digital. This is borne out by the fact that the adoption of best practice treasury management tools, technology and integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that feed off data points all along the ERP value chain, are entirely within the grasp of corporate treasuries.

Navigating change in a digital-first world

Business leaders are facing an increasingly disruptive business environment, driven by supply chain constraints, critical skills shortages, hyperinflation, slowing economic growth, and persistent energy challenges, to name a few.

The key skills developed in a learnership

Daring to dream is the greatest skill that a learnership can teach. South Africa faces a unique dilemma – we have the highest youth unemployment in the world, yet there is a shortage of skilled people to fill positions in many sectors. Businesses want workers who can hit the ground running, yet matriculants don’t have the skills or the understanding of the work environment to make the required impact.

SA’s digital skills shortage is an untapped industry

Over the past few years, the world has seen a massive wave of digital advancement – especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ways in which we engage with others and our work have been permanently altered. Digital innovation has become a real necessity.

Skills to future proof your career this year

If you don’t believe you can change your life and your career in a year, then you haven’t tried learning a new skill in digital technology. Matriculants are eagerly awaiting their results, countless job seekers are looking to accelerate their careers and thousands of unemployed youths are desperate for new ways to upskill themselves this year, new and promising developments are being made in the tech and digital economy creating more career opportunities than ever before.

Channel has a key role in delivering cloud services, but data...

Gerhard Fourie | District Channel Manager | Commvault | mail me | Cloud has undoubtedly become the delivery method of choice for businesses, particularly those...

Digital fitness – achieving more in less time

Knowledge workers suffer from work stress and are more likely to have a burnout, they look forward less and less to opening their laptops at the start of each working day. They suffer from an overload of information that is inadequately filtered.

Changing business landscape sparks a race for digital talent

The saying goes, 'the more advanced technology gets, the quicker it becomes more advanced'. IT infrastructure is changing rapidly. Complexity is on the rise. Digital talent is scarce. Infrastructure is becoming code, and the cloud is evolving into a continuum of technologies.

Naspers delivers strong revenue growth with profitable core operations

Naspers Limited (JSE: NPN) announced strong revenue growth with profitability in core operations for the year ending 31 March 2022. Building on the prior year’s standout performance, the Group’s ecommerce portfolio delivered revenue growth of 49% to US$10.7 billion.


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