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Manufacturing sector should rethink approach in a post-COVID-19

COVID-19 cannot take all the blame for the disruptions taking place in the global economy. The pandemic and resultant lockdown simply provided a conduit for highlighting the failings across industries in South Africa, whether that is healthcare, public transport, education, or others.

Getting the most out of lockdown virtual meetings

Leverage virtual meeting tools and capabilities to cement customer and employee relationships. The current coronavirus pandemic has caused many countries such as UK, USA, Italy, Spain, South Africa and Germany, among others to follow a lockdown approach.

Introducing advanced analytics into business – a phased approach

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Advanced Analytics have become hot buzzwords in the business world. But for many business analysts and business owners they are nothing more than that – just words. Many companies feel an urgent need to apply these concepts but are at a loss as to how and where to implement them, and what true value can be gained.

The changing face of the supply chain industry

The global coronavirus pandemic has impacted the supply chain industry in several ways, many that will change it forever. It has been a year of complete and comprehensive change. The 2020 pandemic has altered the way people work and live. It has changed the ways in which different sectors approach business and growth.

Combating gender equality through complementing, not competing

Gender equality in the workplace tends to be a very heated discussion. This usually overcompensates to either end of the spectrum. The constant competitive nature of this topic leaves a gap for growth, success, and collaboration.

Predicting the future of Brexit and the UK Economy

It has been said that the market is only one tweet away from a crash. This highlights the serious instability within today’s market. Businesses need to survive, let alone thrive in a massively complex and unstable world. They are spending significant amounts of time trying to predict the future needs of their clients, in an effort to provide them with a superior customer experience.

Working towards better data management

Big data is seeing organisations becoming more mindful of aligning their data management practices with newer paradigms such as data lakes, elastic and cluster computing, and real-time data. As such, the cloud provides an environment capable of managing the volume and scale required to do so.

Making the change to self-service BI

The concept of self-service business intelligence (BI) is one that many companies are at odds with. As is often the case, you have those who want to embrace it while others are still struggling to get their head around traditional BI. This however does not need to be the case.

Managing change – A digital transformation story

No organisation is immune to digital transformation, and those that think they are will undoubtedly face a future filled with uncertainty. How does an organisation ensure that the successful adoption of digital transformation is underpinned to each strategic undertaking?



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