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Revolutionising manufacturing – the impact of ML in robotics

The integration of machine learning (ML) into robotics has the potential to revolutionise many industries, and in particular, the manufacturing sector. Productivity, efficiency, precision, and flexibility are of the essence in this industry and its incorporation into production processes is increasing at a rapid pace.

Embracing AI to reshape business dynamics & customer interaction

World Innovation and Creativity Day fell on the 21st of April, reminding us of the boundless potential inherent in human ingenuity and technological advancement. Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of this celebration, reshaping the landscape of business operations and customer engagement. The combination of advanced data analytics with cloud computing has propelled AI into the spotlight, making its integration more accessible across industries.

Managing data governance in the era of AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly integral to business operations, data governance is essential to ensure the ethical and effective use of this technology. Integrating AI responsibly into business processes must be an organisational priority.

Location intelligence is the secret weapon of data-driven banking

Geographic information systems (GIS) are transforming banking by integrating location-based insights with customer relationship management (CRM) tools. New technologies are rapidly reshaping the banking sector, signalling a shift from traditional, branch-centric models to a more data-driven, customer-centric approach.

Data in the trade finance ecosystem

The trade finance ecosystem plays a crucial role in facilitating international trade by providing financing and risk mitigation services to importers, exporters and other participants in the global supply chain. In recent years, the trade finance ecosystem has undergone significant transformations driven by technological advancements and the growing importance of data – and we’re proud to be leading the charge in and for Africa.

Creating conversions through omnichannel conversations

In a dynamic world dominated by digital interaction, the power of connection is undeniable. The modern business landscape demands a profound understanding of omnichannel conversations as a key player for success.

Poor data maintenance leads to data ‘load shedding’

Data integrity, security, and availability are vital aspects to consider whether it pertains to personal information, business records, or research data. However, many individuals and organisations often neglect the importance of data maintenance, which can lead to data ‘load shedding’, a term used to describe the loss, corruption, or unavailability of data due to poor data management practices.

Extending existing data management architecture to drive greater value

For many years, the South African banking sector has strived to comply with international financial regulations, such as Basel II and its successors, in order to ensure cost effective access to global markets. With its focus on proving the accuracy of risk measures, Basel drove the adoption of data management principles within South Africa’s major banks, but with a risk focus.

In times of recession, can you afford not to invest in...

The global economy is facing challenges on many fronts, with inflation and recession becoming the words of the day. As a result, budgets that are always tight (like IT) are under even more scrutiny than before. Any unnecessary spending needs to be curtailed, for obvious reasons, but does data management fall into this category?

Investing in data can help to improve business agility and CX

We live in a new reality post-COVID-19, where customers are more digitally savvy, online 24/7 and have easy access to more options than ever before. Businesses need to adapt to this new reality, or they will be at a significant disadvantage.


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