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The rise of AI technologies – let the journey begin

Over the last few decades, technology has slowly shaped our world into one our grandparents wouldn’t recognise. Some of that change has been about the gadgets in our homes and in our pockets. Much else has been driven by researchers and scientists using powerful supercomputers to answer life‑changing questions and make ground-breaking discoveries in life sciences, physics, chemistry, and astronomy.

From cybersecurity to cyber immunity – how to achieve it

At the dawn of computer security in the late 1980s, antivirus software emerged as a response to the first malware. Since then, the industry has been playing catch-up, and the challenge for cyber-defence solutions has been to recognise new malware and techniques as quickly as possible and offer the appropriate protection.

Data management – grudge purchase or strategic business tool?

Work from Home (WFH) is here to stay, and it has changed the way we access business data. The monolithic server structure has firmly given way to cloud-based storage systems that enable anytime, anywhere access, along with greater flexibility and agility – as well as new challenges.

Brave banking

Imagine a world of less admin, less adulting. A world designed to make your life easier, happier, and simpler. A world where you are less confined to the box of banalities. This is the world imagined on a recent podcast called Brave Banking.

The skills needed to protect a digitally-driven organisation

The normalisation of remote working and increased business adoption of cloud technologies have significantly increased the cyberattack surface putting every company at risk of compromise. With more than 10% of internet user computers worldwide experiencing at least one malware-class attack last year and Kaspersky solutions blocking over 665 million attacks launched from online resources in various countries, cybersecurity skills are now more in demand than ever.

Facebook advertising account ready for sweeping changes in iOS14.5

For most brands and marketers, keeping ahead of an ever-evolving digital privacy landscape is a major challenge. Not only are governments and regulators constantly amending data protection laws, but digital platform companies also often change their rules to offer consumers better control over their data or, in a more cynical view, to tighten their control over the consumer data they hold within their walled gardens.

REPORT | Inadequate data backups create protection challenges

Data protection challenges are undermining organisations’ abilities to execute digital transformation initiatives globally, according to the Data Protection Report 2021, which has found that 58% of backups fail, leaving data unprotected.

SaaS backup and recovery ease cloud migration challenges

The benefits of migrating into the cloud have long been evident. However, certain challenges have held the Financial Services Industry (FSI) organisations back from fully embracing the flexibility, agility and cost effectiveness of cloud-based solutions, particularly with regard to data storage.

Cybersecurity challenges

Digitalisation is impacting nearly every single aspect of our lives. There is not only a rapid adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, but everyone is becoming more dependent on software, hardware and cloud infrastructure.

Cyber risks in the new world of remote working

In the recent months, cyber attacks have risen to become one of the biggest threats to the digital health of corporations – with even the most heavily protected businesses becoming vulnerable to data theft.  According to research by Kaspersky, Africa has faced ‘millions of cyber attacks’ in 2020.


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