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POPIA – Service providers have to obtain a SOC 2 report

Under Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), service providers will have to obtain a SOC 2 report to demonstrate to their clients that they are enforcing proper security and data privacy practices. Over 80% of private, SMME and large companies plan to revise their operations in the next few years.

Data privacy requires a multi-pronged data protection approach

The introduction of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) has put the spotlight on data security for many organisations, which has prompted many Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) to invest in data encryption.

Data protection is key in a digital world

Data is a key asset to any business – that’s why it’s crucial that it’s protected. Data can help businesses understand vital information, such as customer buying behaviour or enable digital payments. However, in the wrong hands, it can be abused. Consider the risk that cyberattacks and data breaches pose to businesses.

Protection of personal data is a human right

The processing of personal data has become increasingly valuable and lucrative for businesses. It offers opportunities for economic growth, social advancement, and research. However, it can also pose risks to the rights of individuals, their basic human rights.

Guarding against APTs in an evolving environment

The cyberthreat landscape is constantly evolving, as cybercriminals continue to find vulnerabilities to exploit. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are a growing concern that businesses need to guard against. While these highly targeted attacks are as common as more broadly-targeted events, they are devastating when successful, exposing sensitive data that could ruin business reputation, not to mention causing compliance breaches.

POPIA compliance: concrete steps to start your journey today

With a month to go before the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) comes into effect on 1 July, many companies have left their compliance program to the last minute and may well miss the deadline for compliance. 

Key things organisations need to do to ensure POPI compliance

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) is a crucial statute for organisations to get right. Not only because the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is all about data and information but also because a breach of the POPI Act could result in imprisonment and fines.

Security assessments prevent breaches

The age-old adage of prevention is better than cure is becoming more and more relevant as organisations both transition to the cloud and manage the ever-increasing perimeter of people working remotely. To remedy your security woes, the questions you need to answer include: Do you know what your cybersecurity posture is, do you know where the gaps are that you are not considering, are you sure you are taking all the elements in your business into account when you are crafting your policies?

Simple steps to keep SMEs cyber safe

Cybersecurity for small business has come to the fore as more Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) shifted towards digitalisation to survive in the unstable by COVID-19 circumstances. Yet, shockingly, according to research from IBM and the Ponemon Institute released in 2020, a whopping two out of five companies in the United States and the United Kingdom with 50 or fewer employees do not have any type of cybersecurity defence plan in place.

Timely software updates can cut business data breach costs

According to our recent report, ‘How businesses can minimise the cost of a data breach’, enterprises in the META region with outdated technology can lose 16% more money when they suffer a data breach compared to those who update everything in a timely manner.


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