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Balancing data access & security in a borderless world

Before the internet, businesses tended to operate in smaller areas and in a very siloed manner. Today, however, there is a global online economy, and the geographical boundaries that limited business operation areas have fallen away. The ease of access to information has become critical to successful operations, and the ability to leverage data has become a point of competitive differentiation.

Red flags to spot social media job scams

As social media becomes more intertwined with our daily routines, sly cybercriminals are using it to trick people with fake job offers. What are these social-media recruitment scams, and how can you spot the red flags? With over 32% of South Africans struggling to find jobs, it is no wonder that scams targeting job seekers are becoming more common.

PCI DSS v4.0 – a game-changer in social engineering awareness &...

As social engineering attacks continue to rise in sophistication and prevalence, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has evolved to address this growing threat. PCI DSS v4.0 places a strong emphasis on social engineering awareness and prevention, going beyond generic security training to mandate specific technology and controls.

Cybercrime – court reaffirms who bears responsibility for payment where email...

Cybercrime remains rife, despite the efforts to combat it. In a recent court case, the court reaffirmed the legal position as to who bears responsibility for payment where a third-party accesses an email system, changes the banking details, and payment is made into an incorrect account.

Agreeable personalities a top target for cybercriminals

People with an agreeable personality have a higher chance of being manipulated by cybercriminals to share private and sensitive information. The study suggests a striking correlation between personality types and cybersecurity risk. I surveyed close to 700 people on their personality type and how likely they were to respond to different social engineering attacks - when cybercriminals trick people into giving up private information or passwords or clicking on harmful links.

Identity platforms – safeguarding your online betting

Online betting in South Africa is a thriving business, expected to become a billion-dollar sector within four years. But there are risks, especially as the digital era makes it easy to forge identities. Betting companies must manage fraud risks and honour legislation, avoid financial and reputational damage, and continue investing in customer relationships.

A strategic reset on the horizon for CEOs

Modern CEOs are confronted with a rapidly evolving business landscape, and several key factors contribute to the need for a reset in strategic thinking. According...

In sickness & in war – insurance coverage for global events

Events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and rising levels of cybercrime are encouraging insurers to revisit their policy wording to exclude certain events. Over the past three years, the world has suffered serious humanitarian and financial losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and catastrophic weather, political unrest and wars in central Africa, Europe and more recently, the Middle East.

Best practice tips for strengthening your data privacy system

Standardisation expert provides insight that could go a long way in driving efficacy as cybercriminals target South African organisations. South Africa has become a fertile hunting ground for international cybercriminals.

Sophisticated, highly scalable deepfakes threatening banks

In a matter of seconds, it is possible to hold your phone up to your face and see what you will look like in 40 years. Or, you could fuse the image of your face with that of a celebrity. You could even record a birthday song for a friend in the voice of their favourite artist.


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