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The three apples that changed our world

Three iconic apples have profoundly shaped human behaviour over the centuries. It began with Eve's fateful bite, symbolising our innate temptation for social status. Then came Newton's apple, revealing the gravitational forces that exist between objects and people. Finally, there was Steve Jobs' Apple, putting a powerful handheld window to the world in our palms - allowing us to seamlessly connect, purchase, and share our lifestyles like never before.

AI & ‘phygital’ experiences re-set to reshape the customer journey

With brands recognising the power of conversations, AI-driven solutions, and phygital experiences, consumers can anticipate more personalised, seamless, and satisfying engagements with businesses this year. As technological innovations continue to shape the business landscape, 2024 is poised to be a transformative year for customer experience (CX).

Embracing next-generation solutions to meet customers’ demands

South African banks have weathered rough seas during the past year, with many of their customers coming under severe pressure from a stagnant economy, rising cost of living and high interest rates. Despite these storms, the financial services industry is still delivering good profits and growth, but there is constant pressure to maintain these results amid the adverse market trends and pressures that are currently shaping the landscape.

Improving debt collection & customer service through omnichannel

South Africa narrowly escaped a technical recession, according to the latest figures released by Stats SA in early March. Recession or no recession, growth is just not high enough to improve economic conditions and coupled with record interest rates and increasing prices at the fuel pump and grocery store, South Africans are under pressure.

Evolution in technology levels the retail playing field

Consumers in South Africa are under immense pressure with a cascade of bad news resulting in increased prices at the till. Producer Price Inflation continues to rise, with the latest figures showing an increase from August’s 4.3% to 5.1% in September: things are going to keep becoming more expensive following higher fuel prices, a high lending rate to try to keep inflation in check and a weak, volatile Rand. Despite this, retailers have to sell goods and consumers need to buy goods.

Sign language – the tourism industry could do better

Tourism is a multi-sensory experience and South Africa, with its abundant wonders, exemplifies this perfectly. But in reality, more than 60,000 South African citizens grapple with hearing impairments and are unable to experience our country through all five senses.

EX to join CX trends

Understanding trends in any given field helps businesses understand what conversations are happening in the industry broadly and likely strategic topics for their competitors. In other words, if everyone else is talking about a new technology and how it impacts business operations, why aren’t we?

Why are customers so emotional right now?

Liezel Jonkheid | Director and Founder | Consumer Psychology Lab | mail me | South African consumers are in a fragile state - emotionally, psychologically,...

Imagine how the customer feels

Businesses of all sizes can agree that customers no longer buy just a product or service. More than ever, the modern customer journey reflects the need for and investment in a positive experience. Today’s customers have higher expectations and no longer see online and offline shopping as distinct experiences. So, if businesses are largely geared towards customer satisfaction and retention, connecting with them in ways that matter is paramount.

BOOK REVIEW | Eat Your Own Lunch

The authors have drawn on their expertise in customer experience (CX) strategy development, training, customer journey mapping and experience redesign, plus two decades of research (1000s of targeted, in-depth telephonic interviews) to create the ultimate how-to CX handbook, called Eat Your Own Lunch.


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