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Accessing offshore equity and commodity markets safely

Structured products enable diversification into offshore markets while controlling risk. Any investor worth their salt understands the importance of diversification, particularly in a contemporary economic environment characterised by such volatility and uncertainty.

The impact of greylisting on South Africa’s financial system

In February this year, South Africa was greylisted by the Paris-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF) because of its failure to comply with its standards and measures to combat illicit financial flows, terrorist funding and potential threats to the integrity of the global financial system. This step is the consequence of the endemic corruption, generally referred to as “state capture” which has long prevailed in the country.

Why structured products are the future of investing

The recent announcement of South Africa’s grey listing has compounded an already volatile market and has introduced more administrative complexity when investing offshore. Onerous due diligence processes and verifiable information may be required creating delays with offshore investments.

AI in Africa – levelling the narrative

According to the World Economic Forum, artificial intelligence (AI) can contribute up to USD 15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. However, in Africa, AI market growth has stagnated. Estimated at USD 870 million in 2021, with marginal growth forecasted until 2024.

Time to evaluate our positions in the past, present and future

September is Heritage Month in South Africa. As a diverse but also divided society, building a shared view of our heritage is very much a work in process. Nonetheless, all South Africans have an interest in sharing in a more prosperous economy with more jobs and less poverty.

A systematic approach to ESG investing imperative

As increasingly more investors begin to question the purpose and impact of their investments, beyond a singular focus on return, unlisted alternative assets have demonstrated how supporting environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) principles can generate solid returns for investors, while also having a tangible, positive and lasting impact.

Manage your credit before it manages you

The COVID-19 crisis is having a profound impact on South Africa’s economy with the GDP forecast to contract by as much as 7.1% in 2020, to an all-time low of roughly -8.5%. A wide range of industries came to an abrupt halt during the national lockdown, with businesses across the board struggling to stay afloat – mass job cuts, and for many others, pay cuts, loom.

South African bond market will overcome the ratings downgrades

South African investors are still absorbing the twin blows of being downgraded by Moody’s into junk territory and, just four days later, the expected Fitch decision to take the South African sovereign debt rating down a further notch into junk territory.

Moody’s downgrade and what it means for investors

The Moody’s downgrade of South Africa’s credit rating should have happened long ago. We’ve known for a long time that our fiscal metrics have been unsustainable, so despite the coronavirus, this is unsurprising.

Debt relief solutions ensure a happy productive workforce?

It’s still early enough in the year to review your spending habits, getting your finances into shape and implementing a financial plan that will ensure you get back on track. According to the 2019 Consumer Credit Market Report carried out by the National Credit Regulator, 59% of employees are stressed about their finances with less than 15% of South Africans able to afford retirement.


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