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Roadmap to reopening travel and restoring traveller confidence

A Global Travel Industry Roundtable has defined a unified roadmap with safe alternatives and specific actions to phase out the use of long-term quarantine policies and travel restrictions. Comprising 20 major trade organisations, including the World Travel Agents Associations Alliance (WTAAA), of which we are a member, the global coalition was formed to accelerate the recovery of the travel industry by aligning global efforts behind common messaging and industry standards in collaboration with medical and policy experts.

Top global technology predictions for 2021

While some may have viewed 2020 as a write-off, the technology sector has seen a massive upswing. As a result of forced, mass digitisation, 2021 promises to be a fruitful – albeit challenging – year for technology. Globally, there are three key predictions that could shape success in the year to come.

Digital border management can enable rapid contact tracing

As air travel gradually starts to recover and country borders begin to open again, health and safety remain at the heart of efforts to get more passengers in the air and to keep borders open. Airlines and industry bodies have called for the integration of systematic testing into the international travel process.

Best practice for back to work in the pandemic

COVID-19 introduces regulatory and ethical challenges to companies and employees returning to work. Stringent regulations and careful planning define the approaches of organisations and employees returning to the workplace in the pandemic.

Intelligent automation is the technological antidote to COVID-19

Intelligent Automation (IA) is simply the use of new technologies to help organisations improve the way they operate. And it may be the ‘digital antidote’ to combating COVID-19 because it is so well suited to solving a number of the business challenges created by the pandemic.   

Invest in safeguarding staff against COVID-19

Despite the fact that South Africa’s COVID-19 numbers have continued to grow, the country is being forced to reopen businesses to allow millions to start earning a living again. Unfortunately, this is also going to mean the unavoidable increase in infections we have seen over the past few weeks, making it that much harder to contain the spread.

COVID-19 shows the digital state now a public health imperative

The idea of a digital state where different areas of government digitise data and collaborate to provide services for its citizens has been a long stated ambition for the South African government, as part of its push to embrace the 4th industrial revolution - but now it’s more important than ever.

Managing the pandemic spread or ending privacy for individuals?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll worldwide for both individuals and economies. As a precaution, many countries have implemented strict lockdown measures such as closing schools, restaurants and borders, while mask-wearing in public and social distancing have become a must.


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