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Reasons why contactless payments are taking over the world

For the past 10 years, we’ve been hearing about how new-generation mobile apps, wallets, tap-to-pay, NFC solutions and even the humble QR code are going to spell the end of the magnetic stripe card as a means of payment. And here we are, in 2021, and we’re finally taking big steps towards a brave new world of contactless payments.

State-Run Fund an ill-considered idea, will add to economic woes

The Department of Social Development’s Green Paper on Comprehensive Social Security and Retirement Reform will, if adopted, result in the most harm for those it is ostensibly intended to benefit. We call on government to urgently reconsider any proposals that increase the state’s power over citizens’ financial affairs and urges all South Africans to resist the proposals contained in the paper.

Is a recession a good time to start a business venture?

Considering that South Africa won’t see the full roll-out of a COVID-19 vaccine until later this year, and is still reeling from the first and second COVID-19 wave, one might assume that now is not an opportune time to consider starting a new business venture.

Another year of COVID-19 will see apps explode all over again

As we tackle new COVID-19 variants and witness increasing levels of lockdown still unfolding around the world, the promise of a vaccine has not yet dulled the relentless and destructive march of the Coronavirus, upending many industries.

First in, first out: China’s fortunes are of more than passing...

Although we all know the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 first emerged in China, there is some debate as to exactly when. As it spread through the city of Wuhan, authorities took what at the time seemed like an extraordinary decision to place the whole metropolitan area in quarantine from late January onwards.

A better and very different tomorrow: where to invest for the...

Following the endless stream of COVID-19 headlines, extended lockdowns and associated economic hardships, we are all suffering from Armageddon fatigue. It is easy to become pessimistic in the face of the very real challenges we are grappling with.


The 3rd Edition of Nielsen’s Africa Prospects Indicator (APi) Report shows that for Africa; 2016 is proving to be ‘The Year of Change’ with...


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