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Recent amendments to the Competition Act

Amendments to the Competition Act were published in the Government Gazette in February 2019. These are, however, not yet in force pending the publication of a date to be proclaimed by the President. Some of the more prominent changes to the Act are as follows.

Higher penalties on the cards for failing to notify mergers

When faced with legislation that requires parties to take certain steps or prevents them from implementing a particular course of action, the questions often asked include 'what are the consequences and who will be liable to pay?' For a long time been uncertainty about the penalty firms would face if they fail to notify a merger and/or implement a merger without the requisite approval of the competition authorities.

Amendments to the Competition Act may further curtail foreign investment appetite

The South African Competition Amendment Act 18 of 2018 (‘the Amendment Act’) which was tabled in Parliament in July 2018, and signed into law by President Ramaphosa last month, has been the subject of much debate and comment, especially insofar as it aims to implement far-reaching changes to the currentCompetition Act 89 of 1998 (‘the Competition Act’).

Competition Act and non-compete clauses

In the case of Dawn Consolidated Holdings Pty Ltd (Dawn) and others versus the Competition Commission, the Competition Appeal Court (CAC) had to consider whether a non-compete clause in a shareholder’s agreement contravened the Competition Act, and laid down some guidance for determining whether agreements exhibit the character of anti-competitive conduct.

Only freedom can stimulate competition

Competition is not something that can be artificially created. Competition is an inherent facet of human – or living – nature, and thrives most when it is left alone. The notion that government can introduce swaths of laws, regulations, and red tape, like the new Competition Amendment Bill, and not have a deleterious effect on competition and economic growth is naïve.

Competition Commission’s inquiry into data costs to be finalised?

Few market inquiries have captured the attention of South African consumers more than the inquiry into the high costs of data in South Africa. Businesses and consumers will be waiting in anticipation for the outcome of the Commission's inquiry into data costs, which is expected to be finalised in August 2018.

Navigating a dawn raid!

The Competition Commission has conducted a significant number of dawn raids. From the beginning of 2017, the Commission has raided 47 companies and 53 premises in total. 

A Practical Guide to the South African Competition Act

The implementation of the Competition Act in 1999 introduced an important shift in the South African competition law framework. After 16 years, many still find the Act technical and difficult to apply.

Competition Law – lower merger thresholds?

As promised earlier this year, Minister of Economic Development, Ebrahim Patel, has begun the process of implementing changes to the Competition Act, 89 of...
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