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Collaboration, cloud and security – IT’s top challenges in EMEAR

According to our new Accelerating Digital Agility Research, CIOs and IT decision makers (ITDMs) across Europe, The Middle East, Europe and Russia (EMEAR) are looking to maximise investments in digitisation and drive innovation after a difficult year which raised the profile of IT leaders in driving critical workplace innovation.

Securing your network – from north to south and east to...

Making your network safe from the traditional north to south perspective is no longer enough. In a digital world, micro-segmentation that secures it from east to west is also vital. In the modern era of cybercrime, ransomware and digital threat vectors, your infrastructure security is more essential than ever.

33% of organisation’s workload are running in the cloud today

The brand new 2021 Cloud Security Report reveals how more than 500 cybersecurity professionals, from technical executives to managers and IT security practitioners, are responding to security threats in the cloud, how their organisations are using cloud, and the best practices they are prioritising.

IT security recommendations for businesses in 2021

Remote work will catalyse a shift from the corporate perimeter concept to micro-office security certification. Outsourcing of IT and cybersecurity functions will be crucial to solve expertise shortages and save budgets. To coordinate managed service providers along with using multiple cloud services, cloud security and management skills will become a ‘must have’.

The right playbook to fight against ransomware

October marks International Cybersecurity Awareness Month which raises awareness around safety in cyber space as well as the need to upskill and treat cybercrime as a priority. Cyber attacks and disruptive events are on the rise, affecting 82% of organisations surveyed in the Technologies Global Data Protection Index 2020 Snapshot. These organisations included both public and private organisations.

People-focused steps for adopting cloud at scale

Larry Bossidy, the former Chairman and CEO of Honeywell International Inc., captured what it takes to successfully execute strategy when he said, “Execution is the ability to mesh strategy with reality, align people with goals, and achieve the promised results.” He emphasised the critical role of people, as they are the enablers and implementors of strategy and this is true of a successful cloud enablement strategy.


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