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Black Friday 2020: trends, pitfalls and opportunities

With the Black Friday shopping frenzy around the corner, the digital economy this year is expected to receive an enormous boost as many people will want to avoid crowds and take their shopping online. After a difficult year marked by severe disruptions and decreased demand, businesses will also be relying on this period to make up for losses due to the pandemic.

Conversational AI booms in SA’s post-COVID-19 insurance sector

Even before COVID-19 plunged the world into crisis, artificial intelligence (AI), and more specifically conversational AI was fast becoming a key feature in the digitisation of customer-facing industries like insurance. In fact, Gartner had predicted that 85% of customer interactions will be managed without humans by 2021.

Back to work – what 2020 holds for employers and employees

As 2020 fast approaches, we reflect on having survived a year where HR has been flooded with information on how their jobs and those of employees will change. Technology continues to take a foot hold in our everyday work lives; the new way of work has become the way we work.



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