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Hosted learnerships connect funding to job creation & growth

Skills development in the form of learnerships is an essential element of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard, accounting for a significant portion of the score for large enterprises in particular. However, not all businesses have the capacity, availability, or ability to take on sufficient learners to meet their obligations.

How to become promotable at work

You’ve done the hard yards; gone the extra mile and you’re adding value to the organisation. You feel it’s high time your efforts are recognised and you get to climb up the next rung of the corporate ladder. So, how do you go about convincing the powers that be that you have promotion potential?

Youth Month | Essential work advice for the youth

Youth Day in South Africa is celebrated on June 16th to commemorate the pivotal role that young people played in the struggle against apartheid and their fight for equal education and rights. The significance of this day can be traced back to the tragic events that occurred on June 16, 1976, in Soweto.

Tech provides job opportunities – how you can upskill and switch...

It is anticipated that Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will grow Africa’s economy by $1.2 trillion by 2030. Fuelling this growth are South African tech start-ups, 357 of which have raised a combined $994 million and employed an estimated 11,000 people since 2015.

BOOK REVIEW | This Generation Leads

This book was born out of an idea that the author had during the period in which he spent time with several young people who had approached him to assist them in different ways, including personal development, career advancement and growth, as well as growing their businesses and entrepreneurial acumen and skills. he took the challenge but felt that more could be achieved, hence this book.

Skills alone are not enough – experience matters

The fact remains that training people to acquire the necessary future skills is essential. We need to have people equipped to not only do their work effectively but also to compete globally. However, skills alone are not enough – experience matters.

What to consider when applying for a work permit?

Following a shift towards global recruitment processes, many South Africans have succumbed to the lustre of opportunities that lie in wait in foreign countries. Eager to find international career advancement, or simply to earn a foreign salary, they put their skills and qualifications on the line and begin applying for work overseas.


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