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How flexible workspaces can enhance the circular economy

The idea that every morning office workers wake early, jump into polluting cars and overcrowded trains, and travel many miles to their place of work will soon seem inconceivable. The pandemic has highlighted the fact, that it as a model that’s already had its day.

Net Zero? Not for Africa. Not Yet. – Africa must...

On May 18, 2021, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released ‘Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector’, which outlines plans for the global energy sector to reach ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Naspers posts strong financial performance and progresses on strategy

The Naspers Board is immensely proud of what our people achieved during the past year. They managed the pandemic, delivered powerful revenue growth and lifted profitability. Foundations were laid for future growth. The year ended 31 March 2021 (FY21) was an extraordinary period.

Waste carries true potential for South Africa

If we really want to encourage the ‘nothing wasted’ mindset, investing in a circular economy model must be taken seriously. Whilst still a relatively new concept, in Africa, this model offers significant opportunities to truly deliver far more inclusive growth for the economy and includes an increase in job opportunities as well as positive environmental practices - all of which is needed for sustainable growth - a dire need for South Africa.

Why everyone is talking about hydrogen?

Almost any stock with a decent hydrogen angle performed well in 2020. So, what is all the excitement about, and are these stocks in a bubble? Renewable energy can and will decarbonise power generation. Renewable energy and batteries can and will decarbonise the automotive sector.

Boosting efficiency to master the challenges of the current market

In the aftermath of the virus outbreak, 2020 has certainly been a challenging year for the manufacturing sector. The World Bank predicts the pandemic will push Sub-Saharan Africa into its first recession in 25 years with growth predicted to fall to -3.3% for 2020. Reduced demand has taken its toll on the balance sheet and cash flow of most producers.

Macro outlook and investment convictions for 2021

2020 challenged all of us. The most severe economic contraction in decades triggered vast monetary accommodation and fiscal support packages that altered the investment landscape. Now, as we approach 2021, the promise of COVID-19 vaccines is game changing. It encourages us to anticipate a return to pre-pandemic activities.

Taking stock of the COVID-19 crisis through a sustainability lens

If you are reading this, you are well on your way towards surviving one of the most cataclysmic events of our lifetime; one that is forever going to reshape the way we view the world and drive home the importance of prioritising sustainability and all it entails during the years ahead.

2021 African energy outlook released

We are excited to announce the release of the African Energy Outlook 2021. The report explores the forces shaping up the continent’s energy market after the historic shocks of 2020, and analyses the upcoming recovery on the back of the global energy transition and persisting market uncertainties.

Surfing the next wave – how the markets could be impacted

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin infamously noted that while a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is simply a statistic. That grim milestone has now been passed by the coronavirus. It has claimed more than a million lives worldwide.


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