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Preliminary view of the draft IRP 2023

South Africa has experienced severe load shedding (i.e. controlled/scheduled power cuts), almost daily, since September 2022. This recent spike and high frequency of load shedding can be largely attributed to a significant drop in Energy Availability Factor of the coal fleet that has not been optimally maintained due to several  factors.

Data storage can advance sustainability ambitions

As the world becomes increasingly focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, IT departments are actively driving sustainability efforts. According to Enterprise Strategy Group research, a significant majority (93%) of IT decision makers consider a supplier's ESG programme when making IT purchasing decisions.

Taking a future-ready approach to sustainable building and design

The construction sector must not be overlooked in the drive towards achieving net zero. While sectors such as industrial manufacturing, mining and fossil fuel power generation tend to grab more headlines, the construction of buildings and infrastructure accounts for approximately 7 Gt CO2e, or 20% of global carbon emissions, where 4 Gt CO2e is associated with the materials used for construction.

New Year’s resolutions to make if you work in business travel

We all know the enthusiasm of making ambitious New Year's resolutions each January - get fit! Save money! Spend less screen time! But while our personal goals often fall by the wayside, setting professional resolutions can be genuinely transformative. That's why I recommend starting the year by relooking your corporate travel game.

Embracing net zero – a global imperative!

Ron Stuart | Partner | ESG Lead | KPMG South Africa | mail me | The last two years have seen many countries taking steps...

SA’s business travel budgets – how do they stack up globally?

With 2024 approaching, many businesses will be reviewing and adjusting their travel budgets in light of spending predictions for the coming year. In terms of benchmarks, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) puts the average global spend at around $829 per business trip (R14,922).

Let ERP system drive your ESG initiatives

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives have become top of mind in many companies. This has left organisations with questions such as: “Who should run with this internally?”, “What do we need to do?”, and “Is this something that will save us money or cost us money down the line?”

Reasons why ESG should matter to SMEs

Some Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) may believe that environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations do not apply in their businesses, particularly when compared to large and listed corporates. But this isn’t the case as implementing ESG, realistically, into an SME business comes with many benefits, including attracting funding opportunities.

Meeting 2050 Net Zero emission goals efficiently

Applying ISO standardisation principles and processes could be a gamechanger for businesses under pressure. South Africa hopes to reach net zero emissions by 2050 in its low-emission development strategy. While the target has already received significant buy-in from local companies and institutions, none are under any illusions about the challenge that lies ahead.

Hotels under fire – shocking stats on their climate impact

Did you know hotels account for approximately one percent of global carbon dioxide emissions? It might not seem like a lot, but to put it in perspective, out of the carbon dioxide released annually, it's equivalent to powering 45.7 million homes for a year. Turns out those luxury touches like themed suites, room service on tap, and butlers come at a cost to the planet, too.


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