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Outsourcing makes sense for multinationals

Outsourcing, or the transfer of a business activity or function to a third-party service provider, is a solution gaining popularity throughout Africa. This leads to a more efficient allocation of roles and responsibilities, and an organisation that runs well, performs well.

POPIA to fuel better customer experiences

With the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) planned to commence imminently, the way direct marketing is carried out and received by South African consumers is set to shift.

FEATURE | Contact Centres

The issue of digital disruption is currently at the forefront of business discussions across all industries, but is currently arguably most acutely being felt, and feared, in the Contact Centre industry. With Contact Centres at the forefront of both the interface between customers and the organisation and the cutting edge of new technology deployment, the imperative for Contact Centres to adapt to changing customer communication preferences is paramount.

Contact centres – the new soft target for hackers?

Hackers are becoming more brazen in the way they target organisations as they hunt for soft targets. Companies who see the value in outsourcing their customer experience services to contact centres should be wary of the risks this brings, coupled with the adoption of new technology.



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