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How businesses can leverage games to drive social change

Games are one of the biggest entertainment categories in the world today. Globally, video games are worth more than US$242 billion and are expected to be worth nearly US$584 billion by 2030. Over the last two decades, gaming has also become so much more accessible.

Opening a second business location – steps to expansion

The prospect of expanding your business to a second location might be an enticing opportunity for growth. But it’s a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Careful planning, critical analysis, and data-informed execution are essential to ensuring your new location’s success.

Building a strong personal brand in the digital age

The world we live in has become a hyper-connected world, a strong personal brand is not just a nice-to-have; it’s an essential tool for professional growth and success. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the way we present ourselves online can significantly impact our career opportunities, networking potential, and overall professional credibility.

The ins & outs of corporate gifting season

It’s fast heading into year-end and the season for giving is in full swing. Corporate gifting is a thoughtful way for businesses to express appreciation to clients, employees, suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders, and to build and reinforce those valued relationships.

The influence of pop culture on luxury fashion

Luxury fashion and pop culture have shared an inseparable bond for decades, and in 2023, two remarkable examples have captured the spotlight – namely Jane Birkin and Pharrell Williams. Celebrity collaborations result in limited-edition pieces that become highly sought-after collectors' items while adding to the celebrity’s legacy that they leave behind.

Putting people first – how brands can achieve salience through empathy

Achieving visibility and memorability in a world where people are bombarded with adverts, messages and constant distractions is challenging, but not impossible. Strategic design thinking can provide the framework that brands have been searching for - the framework that will allow them to understand their target audiences and discover how to reach them at exactly the right time, in the right place.

The art of rebranding – when to rebrand?

From Absa to the SABC and this week, John Deere SSA’s rebranding - we often see the need for and impact of established brands choosing to differentiate themselves with a new brand name, visual identity, positioning and vision. Whether it’s to escape the past, or to catapult a brand into the future, creating a corporate image that attracts and connects with your customer, is key. But how do you know whether you need a rebrand?


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