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Key search marketing trends

Google search marketing saw an upswing in technologies such as chatbots, voice search, image searches and enhanced search engine results (SERP) features in 2018.

Smart networks and business intelligence

In the midst of a global digital transformation, widespread integration of next-generation technologies like 5G and IoT is just over the horizon.

The future of motoring | Don’t get caught up in the...

The SA motoring industry really, really matters. Statistics presented at the NAAMSA Automotive Conference at the SA Festival of Motoring on 31 August showed that the industry contributes 7.7% of SA’s GDP, which is more than our iconic mining sector.

Catalysing the future of professionals

A good pharmacist should have certain qualities. They should be friendly, efficient, knowledgeable on a wide range of medications and their contraindications and be organised. But do they need to be human? Perhaps not anymore.

4th Industrial Revolution impacts relevancy of Trade Unions!

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) has become a buzz word in many forums discussing global economic trends. The revolution is presented as the next inevitable event that will sweep the entire world.

Transformation to impact the future of work!

Sixty-five percent of jobs that will exist in future, have not been created. Technology is changing faster than most can keep up with. Is it man against machine, or man working hand in hand with machines? With the hype around the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, there is concern as to the impact on jobs and future careers.

REVIEW: Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Once every few years a new Product sets the trend for the future. The New Huawei Mate 10 Pro is that Product. Artificial Intelligence or AI is fast becoming the hot topic for 2018 and beyond. Consumer Products are increasingly taking advantage of this capability. The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is one of the first new mobile phones with built-in AI Processing capability, and it shows in its performance.

Blocking vs allowing employees content consumption

Andrew Wilson | CEO | LucidView | andreww@lucidview.net | http://www.lucidview.net |
Talk of monitoring and blocking employee access to certain types of Internet content might sound like draconian management measures. After all, we’re all adults in the workplace and we shouldn’t need to be told what we can and can’t look at on the Internet, right? Not exactly. There are many reasons why...

Doing tomorrow’s business today

Quintus Kilbourn | Head of Equities | Absa Corporate and Investment Banking | quintus.kilbourn@absacapital.com | cib.absa.co.za | “Never in human history has the present been so temporary”...

Robo-directors in the boardroom!

Patrick Bracher | Director | Norton Rose Fulbright | mail me |  Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly developing and may in the future get a seat...
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