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Game-changing SEO trends to watch in 2019

We don’t surf the internet like we used to because technology continues to evolve and drive our behaviour. Thanks to Google, search engine optimisation (SEO) is also changing.

News I IBM weather system to provide vastly improved forecasting

New global weather forecasting system can crowdsource data from millions of previously untapped sources and will provide accurate, rapidly updated local forecasts worldwide.

NEW | Samsung Launch 8 K QLED

Samsung Electronics announced its foray into 8K at IFA in Berlin with the unveiling of the Q900R QLED 8K complete with 8K AI Upscaling. The new QLED TV will be available in four ultra-large screen sizes (65”, 75”, 82” and 85”).

REVIEW | LG G7 ThinQ Smartphone

Modern living revolves around connectivity. We may leave our wallets when leaving home but never our mobile devices. LG has released their latest smartphone the LG G7 ThinQ. The mobile device space has matured significantly in the past two years with form factors and specifications becoming very similar across all top devices.

REVIEW | Huawei P20 Pro. More is better

The smartphone high-end has been dominated by Apple and Samsung for a few years with many pretenders and no real contenders. Well Huawei is aiming right at that duo with their new P20 Pro. Huawei has just released the P20 series, jumping from last year’s P10 series to P20 as they feel the improvements made are huge. Steven Ambrose tests the P20 Pro and reports back.

Doing tomorrow’s business today

Quintus Kilbourn | Head of Equities | Absa Corporate and Investment Banking | quintus.kilbourn@absacapital.com | cib.absa.co.za | “Never in human history has the present been so temporary”...

Robo-directors in the boardroom!

Patrick Bracher | Director | Norton Rose Fulbright | mail me |  Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly developing and may in the future get a seat...

Artificial Intelligence – the apex of tech and policy challenges!

Aalia Manie | Senior Associate | Webber Wentzel | aalia.manie@webberwentzel.com | www.webberwentzel.com | Artificial intelligence (AI) is the apex of today’s technology age as we...

Let’s chat about HR bots

Ronnie Toerien | HCM Development & Strategy Leader | Oracle Africa | mail me | We’ve got used to doing all manner of tasks without needing...

AI is artificial without analytics

Despite the current wave of excitement around the importance of analytics within the modern enterprise, BI and analytics have dominated analyst hype lists for...
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