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Effective customer experience begins with optimisation of operations

Many leading brands find that the operational transformation journey is more challenging, costly, and resource-demanding than expected. Organisations must unify their people, processes, and technology around the common goal of digital excellence to succeed. This is true whether your organisation is made up of multiple entities or functions as a universe of channels reaching out to customers in new and expanding markets.

Retaining customers for the long term – three waves of retail...

New shopping habits brought on by the pandemic are creating both challenges and also huge opportunities for retailers to rethink their customer retention strategies.

Harnessing 5G for SA – the benefits and challenges

Fifth-generation (5G) wireless broadband is no longer a future technology - it’s here and is already available in limited key metropolitan areas in South Africa. The country, with its limited internet access and infrastructure, high data costs and ailing economy, can benefit in multiple ways from 5G.

2021 riots show SA at a crossroads – it’s time to...

After the shocking riots that engulfed South Africa last month, all of us in this beautiful country have cause for deep reflection, regardless of our race, religion, age or political views. Was this a singular event, why did it happen? Few would deny that the inequality in our society, poverty and unemployment of so many are among the root causes.

Gearing for the future home in the 5G era

As the promise of fifth-generation (5G) wireless broadband begins to become a reality, the role of communication services providers (CSPS) will change. The future home and indeed lifestyle will be built around massive amounts of data and pervasive information flows in the home.

A new route in energy while creating new markets and products

Oil and gas companies looking to establish winning positions in the decarbonisation transition and beyond cannot achieve that goal by themselves. They will need the help of their customers, particularly those that are heavily dependent on hydrocarbons, and adjacent sectors, and be part of developing the cross-sectoral actions.

Innovation demystified – don’t get stuck at merely creating good ideas

Demystifying innovation is trying to break it into what we see are the building blocks of getting from creating ideas to realising the value of innovation. There are three parts to it, and these are not necessarily sequential – ideating and shaping, designing and killing ideas and lastly scaling.

A new abundant source of energy for the oil and gas...

To date, policymakers, regulators, the scientific community and even consumers have had to step in to close the economic gap between the hydrocarbon energy system and the low-carbon system. This transition is an energy system transition, not a supply-centric one, and it is distinguished by placing decarbonisation at the core.

Tech-enabled transformation will revive businesses

For those who survived the initial shock of the COVID-19 crisis, the question is: Now what? Since there is no going back to business as usual, it is time for companies to turn the page and concentrate on planning for mid- to long-term priorities.

Lessons from innovation masters in the public sector

Encouraging public sector organisations to become more innovative has always been important. However, doing so has likely never mattered more as the world wrestles with the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak and recovery.


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