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Growing the core while creating the new

If you think about it, most large corporations grew their business by adapting to change systematically – tweaking their offering while maintaining their core business – thus optimising what they already had. But now, there is a lot more to consider as companies evolve. They must take on new ways of growing without losing their core focus.

Let there be change – the world of technology and leadership

Let There Be Change is a podcast series looking at the world of technology and leadership in a hyper-fast and constantly evolving environment.

How might enterprise networks leverage the Cloud Continuum?

An entire continuum of cloud solutions now exists across the organisation, spanning public and private clouds, applications, data, edge devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. They were combined with the need for flexible 'anywhere, everywhere' access.

Key steps to unlock innovation in hybrid cloud environments

While the general opinion by industry observers is that organisations will virtualise the majority of applications and workloads and move to the public cloud – with the public cloud representing up to 80% of companies' infrastructure footprints – most businesses have pivoted to a hybrid approach in response to the need for more balance.

Give customers what they crave!

Customers expect an easy, hassle-free omnichannel shopping experience; and digital innovation is the answer that retailers have been waiting for. It has been rapidly transforming retail value chains in recent years.

Let’s stay together! Driving long-term customer retention

The stats speak for themselves. Firstly, there has been a 169% increase in online purchases from new or low-frequency online shoppers. Secondly, more than 80% of consumers who increased their omnichannel digital usage during the pandemic expect to continue with these.

REPORT | Infostealers, cyber-centricity and vulnerability exploits

In my previous article, I highlighted that cyber threat intelligence (CTI) offers improved visibility into overall network threats and informs decision-makers how to prioritise security around potential targets and threats. We have created relevant, timely and actionable threat intelligence for more than 20 years.

Go OMO! The new integrated vision for the store of tomorrow

Although many retailers have successfully implemented omnichannel services like same-day shipping, in-store pickup or home delivery, research shows that only a third of retail executives said this was a regular service, while 62% said it was just for the 2021 holiday season.

Implementing solutions – we have a speed problem

In businesses the world over, phrases like 'time is of the essence' and 'time is money' are well-worn clichés. So why is it that some South African corporate decisions are unnecessarily delayed?

Technology can drive and shape sustainability

Sustainability is the new digital. Becoming sustainable as a business is not a matter of 'if' but 'when'. It requires demonstrating a purposeful approach to environmental, social, governance and technology issues, maintaining strong ethical standards, and operating responsibly.


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