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Building greater cyber resilience in renewables

The wider renewables industry is realising the criticality of cybersecurity in holistic asset resilience. Since many of the systems currently in use were built prioritising efficiency over security, cybersecurity now poses a serious challenge for renewables operators.

Outmanoeuvring uncertainty and accelerating COVID-19 recovery

As the health and humanitarian impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic evolve, so do the business and economic challenges. Organisations looking to balance their immediate needs with longer-term opportunities will see the trade-offs play out across three waves of impact – the Now, the Next, and the Never Normal.

Resilience – a key to unlock value in supply, demand, operations...

The value of resilience as a prerequisite for business success in fast-changing environments has long been clear. The pandemic, however, catapulted resilience to the forefront as indispensable to business sustainability and relevance.

Public service for a new era: how to outmanoeuvre shifts in...

After months of managing the COVID-19 crisis, people and businesses are depending on the public sector to guide them through the next several months and possibly years of uncertainty. It’s time to capitalise on what’s been achieved via the new policies and service delivery models that were developed in response to the crisis.

Energy decarbonisation: mapping a bold new direction for oil and gas...

The 'Decarbonisation Transition' is set to introduce an entirely new set of rules, challenges and opportunities. According to our latest research, Decarbonising Energy, from A to Zero, transforming the fossil fuel-based energy system to one that is sustainable and decarbonised is one of humanity’s greatest challenges, and greatest opportunities to make global energy supplies more available and affordable than ever before.

Reinventing supply chains with digital platforms

It is time for the many pockets of digital progress to give way to digital transformation. Approximately three in five Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs) are not only investing in digital solutions, but already scaling them – and surprisingly doing so rapidly enough to surpass other business functions.

Firms must guide insurance customers to safety and well-being

Insurance is a mature and historically stable industry, operating on established, reliable business strategies and methods. However, when digital technology really began to take hold with consumers, it upended traditional insurance models.

The business of experience in times of uncertainty

There is opportunity to reinvent. Less clear is how people’s behaviour and underlying values will change for the long term. COVID-19 has so far changed the experience of being a customer, an employee and a citizen.

Living systems reveal the tech gap between investment and value

As companies increasingly invest in new technologies, one thing is clear: technology is everywhere, but value is not. The return on investment (ROI) is not as expected. According to new research that we have released, today’s business leaders are deploying new technologies in pockets, or silos without effectively scaling them across the organisation to realise the full benefits.

COVID-19: what’s next for South Africa’s retail industry?

While traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers attempt to navigate their way out of the Coronavirus pandemic, local online retailers are seeing a massive spike in sales, as the shift from real to virtual goes into overdrive. What’s next for the retail industry, and as lockdowns are eased around the world, to what extent will these spikes remain?


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