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Living systems reveal the tech gap between investment and value

As companies increasingly invest in new technologies, one thing is clear: technology is everywhere, but value is not. The return on investment (ROI) is not as expected. According to new research that we have released, today’s business leaders are deploying new technologies in pockets, or silos without effectively scaling them across the organisation to realise the full benefits.

COVID-19: what’s next for South Africa’s retail industry?

While traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers attempt to navigate their way out of the Coronavirus pandemic, local online retailers are seeing a massive spike in sales, as the shift from real to virtual goes into overdrive. What’s next for the retail industry, and as lockdowns are eased around the world, to what extent will these spikes remain?

Managing data veracity and security practices vital to business

In an accelerated digital landscape marked by ever-increasing amounts of data processed every day, information technology practitioners must navigate through multiple information lifecycle management practices daily to ensure the veracity of business data.

Pursuing a triple zero future: the new reality for mining in...

The mining industry has envisioned a new future where business, human and environmental interests are not competing priorities, but complementary strengths: a 'Triple Zero' future of zero harm, zero loss, and zero waste. In the Triple Zero future, where zero harm is lived out day-to-day, the health and well-being of the workforce act as a fulcrum for sustainable business operations.

Interactive sport and action now have a new meaning

In the early 1980s, adventure games such as The Hobbit were the beginning of interactive entertainment on basic 8-bit computers, where the player could choose the narrative of the game by selecting their preferred options for completing the adventure course at each stage.

Cloud is now an urgent business mandate

We can all agree that COVID-19 created an unprecedented wake-up call, and organisations everywhere have had a very powerful and direct reminder of the importance of systems resilience, agility, adaptability and scalability. Now, as businesses look for ways to outmanoeuvre the uncertainty heightened by the pandemic, the focus has shifted to sustaining operations under severe disruption, flexing to address highly volatile customer demand, and managing vastly increased needs for remote network access.

Platform modernisation holds the growth promise in retail sector

Retailers are transforming their digital capabilities to attract new customers and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. The global pandemic has shown us the importance of being able to quickly shift with changes in the environment, for example, enabling contactless payments, supporting a remote workforce, and pivoting to entirely new business models.

Trust: the currency of value in a world of virtual everything

In a world where digital is now everywhere and data is driving everything, trust has become the currency of value. To trust is human. It’s through that invisible human bond that all business and societal relationships are developed and sustained.

Mining and metals industries can navigate the impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has created a universal imperative for governments and businesses to take immediate actions with significant financial ramifications. According to our latest study, market capitalisation for the biggest 2,000 companies worldwide has declined by 24 percent since the beginning of the outbreak, losing more than $12.4 trillion.

Consider remote working as permanent

COVID-19 continues to re-define the way we live and work. Over the past few months, organisations have had to re-imagine the way they work and embrace a fundamentally different approach to operating in this ‘new normal’. Remote working at the current scale became a necessity, and for the most part, it has worked.



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