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Rewiring your brain – are you plugged into 4IR connected thinking?

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution rages on, there needs to be a greater shift towards adopting an interconnected way of thinking if humans are to truly engage and optimise 4IR and beyond.

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Read our exclusive cover story titled REWIRING YOUR BRAIN | ARE YOU CONNECTED INTO 4IR THINKING? by Mark Wilson, Managing Director, SYSPRO Africa, as well a host of other topical management articles written by professionals, consultants and academics in the October/November 2019 edition of BusinessBrief.

Bold decisions needed to unlock 4IR potential

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) can and will deliver South Africa from the jobs and growth crisis in which it is mired. That is the truism that is being widely peddled as the panacea to the triple threat of poverty, unemployment and inequality in which the country finds itself.

BOOK REVIEW | Tech Adjacent

It is almost impossible to keep up with the pace and direction in which business and technology are moving today. Artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain, big data, Internet of Things, the fourth industrial revolution. Who actually knows what any of these concepts mean for their business, much less how to integrate them?

Leveraging the benefits of the virtual workforce

Traditionally, a team has been defined as a group of individuals working together to achieve a common pre-defined goal. While traditional teams, also known as conventional or co-located teams, consist of individuals working in physical proximity, the reality is that other organisational team typologies have emerged within the last few decades that challenge this concept and experience.

Cyber security requires a new approach

From digital transformation through to the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), decision-makers are changing their views on how technology can benefit the organisation. But while much attention is placed on things like data analysis, the cloud, and automation, cyber security has fallen by the wayside.

AI case study comparative in two European countries

Finally, an opportunity to examine the substantive choices made in the application of AI solutions, within the same industry, reflecting the cultures and norms of two different countries.

Start-ups – are they the answer to youth unemployment?

Most governments in Africa share the common problem of high youth unemployment. Global economic forces and decisions of powerhouses like Britain and America are increasingly impacting growth of African economies. African countries have thus found themselves on the back foot and unable to stimulate their economies sufficiently to create jobs, especially in the formal sector.

IPD 4HR Masterclass

4IR is impacting societies, industries, workplaces and skills across the globe. Beyond technological change, this is about how people and organisations reinvent using technology; thus a 'socio-technical transition'.

Transforming workspaces to enable business growth

Around the world, workspace requirements are changing dramatically. Fuelled by an increasingly tech-driven business ecosystem, office spaces have to evolve in order to meet new workplace demands.
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