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Mon, Jul 22, 2019

KPMG International – Statement on South Africa Investigation

John Veihmeyer, Chairman, and Bill Thomas, Chairman Elect of KPMG International, today announced an independent investigation into work performed by KPMG South Africa in respect of the Gupta family and the SARS report.

KPMG South Africa leadership changes and key findings arising from KPMG...

As has been widely reported, various allegations have been raised with respect to KPMG South Africa’s work on behalf of the Gupta family and work performed in 2014-2015 on the ‘Report on Allegations of Irregularities and Misconduct’ which KPMG South Africa produced for the South African Revenue Service (SARS report).

Policy Advocacy – The liberal bottom up approach?

According to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) a transparent, predictable and efficient regulatory and administrative framework leads to an effective Policy Advocacy. In a study...

Corruption concerns voiced by SACPCMP!

The built environment has to be regulated primarily because safety of the South African public is of paramount importance. The South African Council for...

Embracing Chaos – Do Troubled Times Favour the Bold?

When things look their bleakest is when mighty business empires are formed. When the headlines are full of #GuptaLeaks, credit rating agencies, US President Donald...

Africa’s 4th Industrial Revolution infrastructure needs?

The 4th industrial revolution ushers in the era of data & analytics (D&A), the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, cognitive computing and artificial...

Fake news: How it is created

Anvee Alderton | Channel Manager | Trend Micro | Anvee_Alderton@trendmicro.com | www.trendmicro.com | The past few years have seen a flood of fake news articles...

Impact of changes to economic policies

The phrase "radical economic transformation" is on everybody's lips and the international economic world is watching South African politicians to see how this phrase will play out in changes to the economic policies.

Junk Status – what business challenges to expect?

How should companies and organisations respond to the unpredictable consequences of the recent downgrade of South Africa’s credit rating by two major agencies? Business owners, senior managers and company executives need to prepare themselves for a bumpy second quarter in 2017, with the only certainty being that nobody really knows how much the downgrades by rating agencies and the weaker rand will impact on the economy.

African Fears for the Rise of the Machine

Many African businesses are grappling with the challenges posed by digitalisation as fears mount of the "rise of the machine” and its consequent impact on jobs and growth. However, this myopic view of the future comes with a significant risk as it overlooks the real economic value that digitally driven industry initiatives will bring to growth, development, jobs and society at large.
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