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Mon, Jun 17, 2019

2017 Revised Mining Charter: Will women’s voices be heard or silenced?

Dr Martin Kaggwa | Executive Research Director | Sam Tambani Research Institute | kaggwam@satri.org.za | http://www.satri.org.za/ | The 2017 Revised Mining Charter has created animosity between...

Intrapreneurship key to Africa’s future

Industries are being disrupted one by one and as a result, business environments are constantly changing.  Those that are embracing change and looking for ways to innovate faster and better are succeeding. Those that don’t, are struggling. And, intrapreneurship is playing a critical role here.

Developing smart cities for African tourism

Over the last eight years, travel and tourism has grown by 17.3% in the top ten fastest-growing global destinations. This rate speaks to the rapid growth of tourism and how the industry, and an increasing priority for countries seeking for new growth opportunities. In emerging markets tourism grew from 30% in 1980 to 45% in 2015 and is expected to reach 57% by 2030.

Can Enterprise Development help solve our environmental challenges?

Jules Newton | MD | Avocado Vision | jules.newton@bts.com | www.avovision.co.za | The new BBBEE codes of best practice have challenged business in South Africa...

Africa’s Economic Performance improves in 2017

Africa’s economic outlook improved in 2017 compared with 2016 and is expected to gain momentum in 2018. GDP growth in 2017 is expected at 3.0% up from 2.2 in 2016 and projected to expand to 3.7% in 2018.


The tidal wave of corruption, which has swept through South Africa, has been subject to public scrutiny and may potentially result in criminal prosecution...

WEF Global competitiveness report – A time for reflection

Willie Botha | Senior Executive: Assurance and Practice | SAICA | willieb@saica.co.za | www.saica.co.za | The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Competitiveness Report 2017-2018 that was...

Trade Finance in Africa: Overcoming Challenges

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has released its second Trade Finance in Africa survey report: “Trade Finance in Africa: Overcoming Challenges”. Building on the...

Is the economic recession really over?

Prof Danie Meyer | Senior researcher and lecturer: Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences | North-West University | daniel.meyer@nwu.ac.za | www.nwu.ac.za | Despite the surprisingly...

A nation starved of justice!

South Africans are angry! South Africans are hungry for justice! As a society, we have had to endure a significant amount of frustration at the lack...
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