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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Optimism among SMMEs for future growth

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) has for the past three years run a survey among small and medium enterprises, both to learn how SAICA members can better serve the sector, and to offer relevant research findings to policymakers in government seeking to stimulate small business development.

Influences of investment into Africa

Africa needs to focus on improving infrastructure, technological readiness and health and primary education in order to become more competitive and create more job opportunities for its burgeoning young population; that’s according to KPMG’s latest Report on Africa in a changing global environment.

SA ranked as entrepreneurial frontrunner

According to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of South Africa: A Strategy for Global Leadership Report, researched and produced by the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute...

New ranking – which banks contribute most to systemic risk?

A new ranking highlights some of the dangers and risks facing South Africa’s banks - an industry that has been rocked by recent revelations of collusion and currency fixing, resulting in the Competition Commission referring to the Tribunal for prosecution against 17 banks.

Uncertainty reflected in CCI figures

South Africa is navigating choppy economic and political seas and nowhere is that more apparent than in the latest Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) figures,...


The global economy has become ever more complex and consequently, fragile and susceptible to financial and economic uncertainty.The 21st century has seen the fastest...

Global Geopolitical Ripples Impact Africa!

Political uncertainty globally will have ripple effects on Africa, primarily through impacts on commodity prices and global economic sentiment.While the early months of 2017 have seen improved prices for the commodities on which many southern African economies rely, longer term economic sentiment is more mixed. Meanwhile, governance improvements and the embedding of democratic practices and norms will be tested by pockets of instability as succession battles take place across the region.


The business cost of failure to consider environmental impact management extends beyond reputational damage and could entail jail time and multi-million-rand fines for law-breakers....

Trust in SA organisations declines!

Trust among the online South Africa population in three of the four mainstream institutions of government, media and business is in decline.The fourth institution, non-government organisations (NGOs) saw no change. The Edelman Trust Barometer is in its 17th year, with South Africa being included in the global survey each year since 2014.


Given the endless stream of inspiring media stories that detail the increase of entrepreneurs to positions of power and the rise of the Unicorn...
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