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Moulding employable graduates

Further Education and Training (FET) should strive to achieve three goals: making graduates employable; creating a diverse workforce; and meeting the needs of the...

Corruption concerns voiced by SACPCMP!

The built environment has to be regulated primarily because safety of the South African public is of paramount importance. The South African Council for...

Blockchain is poised to shake up the media!

Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt existing business models and enable new ones, and the media industry will be the first to feel...

South Africa Can Work

In this insightful and provocative book, Frans Rautenbach proposes a complete overhaul of policy thinking, and provides fresh arguments that effectively address South Africa’s...

Focus on transfer pricing in Africa increasing!

Tax is the price we pay for civilisation and transfer pricing is the price we pay for globalisation. Over the years, transfer pricing has...

IP & the Second Scramble for Africa

For the second time in history, the African continent has become a focal point for global expansion.  As a result, valuable goods, services and...

Airports taking to the cloud?

Airports are hives of activity, a-buzz 24-hours a day with travellers, staff and other patrons. To give an idea of how busy airports get,...

More flexibility for domestic treasury management companies?

The 2017 draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill and draft Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill were released for comment on 19 July 2017.

Is tech making us superhuman?

The future beckons… A world where the impossible becomes possible, where the imagined manifests. A world where we metamorphise into superhumans. Where man and...

Sustainability, Education and Digital Disruption

The digital disruption world is upon us and it’s going to take away a lot of traditional employment. It is going to force us...
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